Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Real World

In my head, I keep hearing that old song that goes... "Back to life, back to reality" but I don't remember who sang it. Christmas is over, tomorrow is back to work after five days off. Bummer. But, it's still not really back to normal because, of course, New Year's Day is Thursday, which means I get another four day weekend. Woo Hoo.

After that will be the yearly, "Ugh, I'm a mess and weigh way too much, so diet issues, here we go again." I never make resolutions. Mainly because I don't like to do what everyone else is doing, and simply because I can't keep them. What I normally do, is take stock of where I am, and try to make small changes. My eating habits have been in the toilet for quite some time, as my bulging jeans can attest. I have no willpower. So, to eat a more healthy diet, I must remove all unhealthy temptations. I know it's more important to eat healthy, than to try to lose weight, but we all know it's rather disheartening to find we are uncomfortable in our clothes, yet again. I don't resolve to lose weight, but will try my best to open my eyes, think about my choices and try to turn away from the bad stuff.

I also hate exercise with a deep and abiding passion. I don't mind walking, but can always come up with an excuse not to. The last time I was able to eat healthy and lose weight, I was working part time and had time to focus on planning my meals, and go to the local gym. Working till 6:00 does not lend itself to going to the gym, or eating the right stuff. Especially when you are bone tired at the end of the day and you are starving. But, there you go with more excuses eh?

Tomorrow at work, we begin working on a new Electronic Medical Records System. This should be very interesting. I'm constantly told it will make my job a breeze and I will love it. I don't doubt that, but in the beginning, it will not be a breeze and I wonder how many extra hours I will work, scanning patient records into the system. Ahhh, the price of progress and having 'state of the art' equipment.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snapshots of Christmas 08

These are photos of some of the things I've decorated with this Christmas.

Santa, oh Santa.... The Wilson Phillips song comes to mind as I upload this. Mom gave this to me several years ago and it's animated. He raises and lowers his bell.

This little group stands beside him in the corner.

When the kids were young, I had a band saw and I cut out and painted things to decorate with. These always gave me a smile and I continue to display them year after year.

These are stocking holders, that aren't actually heavy enough to hold one, but I painted them when LeLe and J were tiny.

The stockings were hung from the shelf with care.... hmmmm, just doesn't have the same poetic sound does it? But, I painted them all and enjoy seeing them hung there, as I have no fireplace. One day, I hope to have one. (Maybe with my next Christmas bonus.)

I've worked on the tree all month to get it like I want. I have more work to do, but it will have to wait until next year when I can purchase a few more things. I have several chickadees on it, along with cardinals, snowflakes, ornaments made out of natural things, pine cones and poinsettia blooms. The big natural star (which I ADORE) is a gift from J's girlfriend.

And this is the outside. Not very crisp picture, but you get the idea.

And the neighbour next door. They LOVE decorating as you can tell....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Least Popular

Those folks at are amazing. This list was posted today.

Least Popular Christmas Side Dishes

Kibbles and bitterness
Andy Capp Fries (plain, not spicy)
Stray cat
Cool ranch mincemeat
Leg Nog
Cranberry loaf
Saltines soaked in gin
Macaroni n’ pills
Germy-crunch popcorn

Had to share. I especially like Leg Nog.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Time Sunday

SR and I took Mom to Searcy today to visit her first cousin. He has a rare wit and I could listen to him talk about our family history for hours. Two and a half hours just isn't enough. He and I have always clicked, even though he's a bit older than me. I used to spend weeks with him and his daughter, who I was very close to as well, when I was young. He always makes me welcome and I feel treasured. Often he calls me at night to just chat and I laugh the entire time. I love him dearly. He only recently moved to Searcy, and now that I know how easy it is to get to his house, I will make a point of going back more often. He and my mother have always been close and they chatted the whole time. He shared some photos with us and I thought I'd share one of my mother as a young girl, her sister, my grandmother and his son. I think Mom looks just like my baby sister in this photo. My aunt hasn't changed a bit in all the years since this was taken. Sometimes I really miss my grandma.

This one SR took of Mom, my cousin, and me. I think he looks very distinguished.....

It was a good day and a great way to begin the week of Christmas. I love you W.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More of the Same

It's Christmas and I have all my shopping done, and very little to do till it gets here. That is both rewarding and frustrating. Don't ask me to explain that.

Work has been alternately very busy or non existent. My poor Nurse Practitioner has had a rough few months. Her son's health was a worry for a while, she lost her precious grandbaby, she was rushed to the ER with chest pains, (fortunately it was stress related and nothing to do with her heart.) and now, now her father has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. How much can one woman take? At least it looks as though it is operable and treatable, thank the Lord. It's the week of Christmas, and she will be at the hospital with him, I'm sure. The two days we would be seeing patients, will more than likely be scrubbed, and even though the clinic will be open, it's doubtful any patients will be seen, as she is the only provider. It's been that way off and on for the last few months, due to all she has had to deal with.

SR and I visited with J yesterday in Russellville. We took him and his girlfriend to supper and gave him his birthday gifts, which he seemed pleased with. Today is his 25th birthday. He was born during the big ice storm of 83.

We travel to Searcy tomorrow to visit my mother's first cousin. He and I have always been close and I haven't seen him in a while. We are taking Mom with us and it should be a very interesting trip. He's a very entertaining fellow and has lots of family history in his brain and on his computer.

There hasn't been much going on in my brain to share, and this is little enough to post. But I felt the need to put something down. The silence was disturbing me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Blues

I'm hoping I can write something that makes sense, considering my head is full of "stuff" that one's head gets full of when one is sick. I spent the biggest part of the weekend, trying to blow said "stuff" out of my head, coughing and sleeping. Now, head is still full, and feels a bit heavy, but I'm at work anyway, trying to keep those dollars coming in. Eventually, it will all clear out.

Hopefully, the icy weather will clear out as well. Forecast is for wintery mix, and at our main office in Malvern, it's sleeting. One of the ladies I talked to at that office told me the patients are confused. They are hitting the clinic as if they sold milk and bread. Our phones however, are almost completely silent. We figure it is a combination of the weather, and the sad news everyone in town is now aware of.

Nurse Practitioner's precious grandbaby passed away Saturday. He was prematurely born with his twin, on November 4. His twin is doing well, and is at home now, but poor little thing just couldn't go any longer. Please pray for this precious family. It's so very hard to lose a child, and none of us really know how it feels unless we've been through it. We are comforted to know though, that little Evan is in the presence of Jesus. How wonderful.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Seventeen Year Old Reindeer

Christmas 1991. J was in the second grade at Rison Elementary School. The second grade, and most other grades for that matter, were bussed over to the Cleveland County Pioneer Village for an old fashioned Christmas. There was singing, and party foods, and each class was allowed to walk sedately through the "Merchantile" to purchase small handcrafted items if they chose. That year, J came home with a gift for his Mama. It was a beautiful wooden reindeer necklace. I kept it and wear it at least once every Christmas. Usually to work so I can share the story with anyone interested enough to ask.

It is one of my favorite memories of Christmas. I so miss my children being young and excited about Christmas. But life moves along and changes, and it's now at the point where you have to struggle to find a time when everyone can be together at the same time. It's still worth it to me. And I still get more joy than I can express, watching them open their gifts. No, they don't squeal with delight and excitement any longer, but I can still tell by their eyes and their smiles if I hit the mark with a particular gift. Christmas has become very commercial, but it still gives me a warm glow to give gifts. It's not a burden to me, eventhough money is tight and it's a job to decide what to give each person. Maybe it's because I'll always be their Mama. Maybe it's because I will always be one of those who love pleasing others. Maybe it's because the Lord gives me a special glow in my heart. I don't know, but I hope I NEVER get over it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Cool

It's might cold for Sheridan, Arkansas. Or at least I think it is. Brrr. The Christmas shopping frenzy has begun at Walmart. I arose early to beat the crowd. Got there at around 8:00 a.m. and by 9:00, you could hardly get out of the parking lot. Oh my, I really don't like the holiday shopping frenzy. That is not cool to me. Sooo, I usually have my shopping done early. Right now, I only like one or two more things and I'll be done!!!

Plans for Christmas were up in the air for a while and it had me a bit frustrated. Fortunately, it's all been worked out and I'm cool. We are at peace about the gatherings now.

There is a local decorative shop here in town that just blows me away. I made a visit the other day and the Christmas trees in there made my chin hit the floor. And it made me a little saddened by my little tree at home. I went away, resolved to do it up BIG next year. But, I decided I can make a few small changes this year, as soon as I get paid again. *wink* And I will be better satisfied. SR has been good to help me do some outside decorating too, which is unusual. It's been too cool for me to get out there and finish what I want to do, but hopefully, it will warm up enough this afternoon that I can stand it. I'm a whimp when it comes to cold weather. I freeze to death all winter long. Just ask LeLe.

This photo gave me a big laugh, so enjoy...............

Monday, December 1, 2008

All Finished...

Thanksgiving is over and was tasty to say the least. We are very thankful we can gather together and enjoy each other. We are also thankful we are free to worship as we please without fear of death. A lot of that going around, so I hear on the news. Man! How blessed are we????

I am also thankful today, because Mom is finished with chemo. Her CT Scan was clear, her C-125 lab is normal, her pelvic exam was normal, so....drum roll please.........

She is in REMISSION. Thank you God. The only disappointment to Mom, was that because her blood counts have been so low, she is not a candidate for the research study we were told about a couple of months ago. But, she has done so well, she didn't have her last treatment. Her platelets still weren't high enough, but, the doctor was all smiles, and said it wasn't a necessity now. Her labs will continue to be monitored, and she will follow up in two months with the doc, but no more worrying about if and when she will be able to take treatment!

Also, although it sounds kind of "yucky" for a lack of a better word, Nurse practioner's grandbaby actually had a bowel movement. That is major stuff considering they were concerned about his bowels and the tear he developed. He continues to be very puffy from retaining fluid, (still on dialysis) but he's doing better. The "poop" is encouraging.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Before Thanksgiving 2008

Just a quick update on things....

Little premature twin boys are doing great. Larger one is gaining weight daily and will go home soon. Smaller one still on dialysis and we are praying his kidneys will begin working on their own, by God's healing touch.

Mom's ct scan is this evening at 5:00.

Two days of Thanksgiving to enjoy tomorrow and Friday. Yum. I'm very thankful for my life eventhough I complain a lot. There are more blessings than and can even name for He is good.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Final Product

Here is the project I was working on last night and today. I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

Ok, It's Saturday Now....

And things are looking a bit better. Nurse pracitioner's grandson is doing so well, that the doctor is going to begin lowering some of his medications. Twin brother is progressing right along and will be home soon if he continues.

Hair troubles are a bit better, as hair dresser and I discussed problem and did a bit of tweaking. We are both on the same page and I can live with it now.

As LeLe posted here, about creativity, I began a new project last night and it had a calming affect. I'll post a photo when all is done. I really got further along on it than I expected and am enjoying it.

J has done a favor for me this morning, in purchasing something I saw at an antique mall where he lives. It was a gift that I thought would be perfect for my boss, Dr. T. His birthday is on Christmas, and we always buy him separate gifts for birthday and Christmas.

So, today my outlook is better, and I'm looking forward to the week ahead. I want to be truly thankful and to do that, I have to push my petty personal issues aside.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Better News

Nurse practitioner's grandson is doing better!!! Doctor was pleasantly surprised to see he was still with us this morning and is encouraged. Doctor is going to begin lowering his bp med since he's doing so much better. Praise God and keep those prayers going folks!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rough Week

This week hasn't been a picnic by any stretch of the imagination.

The nurse practitioner I work for, had twin grandson's born prematurely on November 4. The larger one is doing quite well. The smaller one has been in a constant battle to survive. It's still a wait and see situation. Lots and lots of prayers have been lifted for the little guy though. Whatever happens, he is in the palm of God's hand, and will stay there.

And, Mom's labs are so bad, the doctor is canceling her treatment tomorrow. She is scheduled to have a CT scan Wednesday evening, and will see the doctor on Dec. 1. The immediate concern is the danger of bleeding. If she were to cut herself, or be hurt somehow, she could be in terrible danger of bleeding to death. She assures us she will be careful and will call us immediately if anything happens. She would have to be taken to the nearest ER. Still, she feels fine, and is looking forward to Thanksgiving with all the chilluns.

Least of all, I received a slight trim at the beauty shop that was disappointing. The sweet girl who cuts my hair apparently misunderstood me. I would never say anything negative about her, as she tries very hard to please. My hair just didn't turn out as I had it pictured in my head, and is being very hard to style as well. I'm very particular about my hair, and yes, I've shed a few tears over this. It is only hair, and it will grow. It is not cancer, or a baby in distress, or a life and death issue. Still, it's hard to look in the mirror and not be emotional. Pride is sometimes not such a good thing....

Hopefully, things will settle down, all will be healed and peace will abide.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Post

Mom's platelets were too low again. Chemo treatment was pushed back another week. That means it will be five weeks since the last treatment. I asked the oncology nurse if there was anything that could be done, and she said if they got low enough, they would transfuse her with platelets. But, who knows how low they have to go, and according to my nurse practitioner, Mom is in danger of catching anything she comes in contact with. And that would not be pretty.

Nurse practitioner's premature twin grandsons are stable. That is great news. It was very scary for a few days.

Spent the last two days doing a bit of house work, reading, leaf sweeping, and wrapping OCC gifts for tomorrow's "ingathering" at church. If you aren't familiar with Operation Christmas Child, go here and read up on a wonderful and easy way to reach children for Christ. I love shopping for the kids.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Friday at my home, my bunch and my in-laws will all "Gather together to ask the Lord's blessing." We decided on ham as we pretty much prefer it to turkey. Candied sweet potatoes, hash brown casserole, banana pudding and other delicacies will be devoured.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Short Editorial

I am not a very learned person when it comes to economics and how the government uses money. But, from what I can tell lately, no one, and I mean NO ONE is being held accountable for their bad financial decisions. I don't believe the government should be bailing out folks who are making bad choices. Not individuals and certainly not big corporations. Where is the accountability people? I have a great deal of sympathy with homeowners who are looking at foreclosure, but I have to say, I believe many of them over extended themselves in the first place. I noticed how so many young people were buying or building huge HUGE homes. Why do you need that much space for a family of say..oh.. five? How do you sleep with the knowledge that if one of you loses your job, you can't make the house payment? Yes, I have sympathy, but if we all made financial decisions based on what we can afford on one paycheck if it comes down to it, there might be less wailing and gnashing of teeth now.

And I don't believe it's the right thing to do, adding to the national debt, by fixing bad corporate decisions and rewarding those in power who are so wealthy they aren't personally in danger of losing anything. Just saying.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Slideshow #3 of Our Trip

This slideshow is of the town of Harrison. I didn't realize what a beautiful town it was. I only considered it a place to pass through on the way to Branson or Eureka Springs, but what a treasure to find! The court square is just lovely and eventhough some might consider a cemetery morbid, we love visiting them. We consider them peaceful places full of history. SR's Mom had visited Maplewood Cemetery before in the fall, and suggested we check it out. She remembered how beautiful the Maple trees were and she wasn't wrong! Situated on a scenic overlook of the city, the entire cemetery was planted with rows and rows of amazing Maple trees. And we weren't the only people there taking photos. We noticed at least five other people, if not more just wandering around, taking shots of the trees.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slideshow Two

We payed a whopping 25.00 to see Hurricane Cave, between Marshall and Harrison. I expected a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately, it was the last day of the season, they were getting ready to close for winter, and the pump that sustains the fall was turned off. The guide told us that the owner was an elderly lady, who had suffered a heart attack and was selling the cave and 200 acres for 1 Mil. Pocket change. It was obvious the grounds needed a lot of TLC but we did get to go inside and see interesting formations. We didn't stay long, because the passageway got narrower and I got more uncomfortable. I supposed I might have been persuaded to carry on, but the guide only wanted to talk about deer hunting in Cleveland County, after finding out we grew up in Rison. SR didn't push it but I think he wanted to go further in. We were told the passageway got wider again on the other side. I'd seen enough.

If we had known more about this place, we probably would have opted to wait till the trip back and see Mystic Caverns. Maybe some other time....


We interrupt this portion of the entertainment for this thought provoking question..... Does God honor half-hearted prayers? I have been so bogged down in things going on around me, and just trying to get through each week, that I find myself just tossing prayers up to Heaven. I'm asked to pray for people, and I do, and I care, but I only give it a quick shot and then I move on. Does God hear this and say, "Child, you aren't paying attention. You are only giving this lip service. Come back and try again later." ????? Or does He honor the fact that you actually made the effort to lift someone's name up to him in a rush? Not wanting to forget them, but not giving them a real space in your prayer time? I know we don't have to spend hours on our knees for God to hear us and answer. And I know we are supposed to be in constant prayer and that a quick thought to Him is worthy. But, is it worthy to just rush through something like a prayer request? Tell me your thoughts on this people. Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, November 3, 2008

One Slideshow.

(My apologies for mispelling allowed. I've tried several times to edit it,but it just won't save it correctly. I decided to leave it, rather than start over from scratch.)

Trip Highlights #1

We left out on Thursday morning, unsure if we would actually see any fall colors. The leaves here in Sheridan, are hit and miss color, and as far as north of Conway, there wasn't much change, as shown in these photos.

We kept moving on, and decided to drive to the Natural Bridge, north of Clinton. I thought the road down to the bridge was pretty scenic and had to take a shot of it. Sorta reminded me of a calendar photo. The road twisted and turned just like an "S" repeatedly and down, down, down you went, ears just a-popping!

The bridge itself was pretty awesome. It's waaaay down in a valley, and amazing to see. SR had a really good time there. We noticed that it was for sale if anyone is interested....

This is the entrance, which has been beautifully landscaped and kept up.

More to follow. I plan to upload all the photos I took to either my Facebook page, or Photobucket. I'll let everyone know when I get them on. Next post will be about our first stop at the Buffalo National River.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Down Time

I promise to post more pictures from our trip to North Arkansas in the days to come. We had a great time, except for the Cold I came down with the day before we left. Not feeling much like blogging, but here is a quick shot for you, while I get back on my feet and find the time to write more.

Just a note..... Mom has another transfusion scheduled for tomorrow. We knew her blood looked strange on Wednesday when we drew her lab, and sure enough, the nurse called me in Harrison to schedule another transfusion.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enjoying the Fall Weather

So far, this has been a wonderful weekend. The day yesterday was crisp and I was able to finally get some more pansies into the ground around my birdbath. I also did a little clean up of the bed around my tree, and the front porch. SR and I washed my Tuscon, and I cooked supper for my boy child who is down visiting.

Today I browsed in the local crafts/gift/antique/ you name it store, Scooter's. I love that place. I bought a new garden flag for fall, and found something lovely for LeLe and MK's housewarming. That was a pleasant surprise. I also visited the county library, where I found three books I haven't read from some of my favorite authors. Catherine Anderson and Lynsay Sands. Maybe they will keep me occupied for a day or so until SR and I take a few days to visit north Arkansas next weekend.

I ran by Sonic to give their Iced Lattes a try. Was a waste of time and money. I ordered a regular Caramel Mocha Latte. It was more like a bit of watered down sweet coffee with ice. I suppose I will have to break down and patronize the new little "Cuppies" place. I'm not a big coffee drinker and will only treat myself to something very creamy chocolatey sweet occasionally. The caffeine has a negative effect on my nerves so I have to be careful. But I feel very decadent when I drink a specialty coffee drink. As far as I can tell, no one in the world can do it like Starbucks. The last time I got something there, I was by myself and driving to Bryant mattress shopping. The second that bad boy hit my system, I was bouncing in my seat. It was a shame there wasn't anyone in the car with me to witness the fun....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dear Readers, I have a prayer request for you all. One of our medical "reps" came in this morning and shared with me, a story of a young mother, with an 11 year old, who has terminal cancer. Her name is Mandy. She understands her time is limited, but wants to last through moving into a new home, and get through Christmas with her family. She had breast cancer, and now has "hot spots" all over her body. She is continuing treatment with the hopes that it will prolong her life for just a little longer. She is also going to seek a second opinion. I humbly ask you all to add Mandy to your prayer list.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Puttering Around

It was a beautiful Sunday. Sun was shining and the air was cool. I attended church services this morning after a very long absence due to issues with Mom and other things. It felt good
to sing praises again. I sat there, listening to all those voices, merging together, the music rising to the Lord. It was moving to me.
After church, I went to Walmart and bought some mums and pansies. I've been wanting to do that for days and days. I was able to finally change out the flowers in the pots on my front porch. They aren't as dramatic as last year, but I enjoyed it anyway, and maybe they will grow a bit and look a little more lavish.

I decided to take some other shots of the fall blooms to see if my camera would capture anything special. I have no desire to be the photographer extraordinare that Chelle is, but it's nice to take a shot of a wild bloom and have it turn out nice. Or take a pic of a few pansies and have it turn out good enough to use as wallpaper on my laptop.

One thing I was surprised at, was the shot of a goldenrod bloom that had a bee on it. I didn't think that would turn out worth anything, but you can actually see the bee.
That was a highlight of my day. A pleasure I didn't expect.
Have you ever made yourself follow through on something you weren't sure would be ok, because you knew, you just knew it was what God wanted? And then have it turn out like you expected instead of how you'd hoped? I've been going through a personal issue that has me just wading through issues that shouldn't be this hard. I know God is in control, but it's sure difficult sometimes, when you can't seem to see positive results. I know He allows us to go through the hard times, to bring us closer to Him. It's just hard, you know?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Chosen One

The trip to UAMS for chemo was surprising today. One, we actually got to see the nurse on time, and wonder of wonders, we were called back to begin the chemo after only 20 minutes or less of waiting. That really helped Mom's attitude and patience level. Two, the nurse shared with her the Doctor's desire to include her in a new chemo study. As we understand it, the study will be testing whether further treatment for patients who are in remission, will lengthen the time between the end of treatments and recurrence. She would receive one of two chemo treatments once a month for 12 months after a clear CT scan. There will be only 5 patients included in this area, and only 1100 total. As much as Mom has been looking forward to the end of treatment, this has changed her perspective and she is excited about it. Not only could it possibly lengthen her life, (if it's successful) but she is "chosen" from among so many other patients. She talked about it off and on all day.

Since we were finished with treatment so much earlier than usual, of course it goes without saying (eventhough I'm saying it) that we had to visit at least one store to shop. I need to find Mom a shirt that says "I live to shop!" Sheesh. Thank goodness she wanted to go to Garden Ridge. That is one store I like to browse in and one store that is on my comfort path. Those of you who know me well, understand that I only drive on my known paths, or I get very uptight and nervous. Eventhough she wanted to look for some curtains, she made a B-Line to the Christmas decorations. She is a Christmas FANATIC. She found several items she couldn't live without and we brought home a lovely gingerbread couple the size of small children.

All in all, it was a pleasant day, except for the one little thing I haven't shared yet. The result of my clumsy accident yesterday at work. It was like a scene from a sit-com. Our floors are slick in the clinic, the chair I use is very lightweight and has rollers. I doubt I have to explain any further, as I'm sure you can imagine in your mind's eye the scene as I leaned sideways to grab a chart and .......well, I wound up on the floor, the chair on its side with a part of my anatomy that shall remain nameless resting on the pointed bottom brace of the leg. Go ahead and laugh, it really is funny, unless of course you actually see the resulting injury site. The pain...oh the has been very hard to find a comfortable way to sit today, and walking has been no pic-nic either. My chair no longer has rollers..........

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Trouble With Mangoes

After a particularly overwhelming day, this actually made me laugh. So I thought I'd share.

Better News and Blessed Relief

Mom's platelets are finally up high enough for chemo. Woo Hoo! She was happy about that! So, come Friday morning, we will be back at UAMS to hurry up and wait for them to do her chemo. She has been complaining of a bit of pain in her lower back and legs. I didn't remember it, but Sister #2 reminded me that is not unusual. We will tell the oncology nurse anyway, just to be on the safe side.

My personal nurse pratitioner has finally found an inexpensive medication that seems to be helping alleviate my back pain. Another Woo Hoo! With only two doses, I feel sooo much better. It is making me a little drowsy, but hopefully that will lessen as time goes on, and if not....well... it's a small price to pay for being pain free. I was beginning to be very unhappy about the pain. It's something I will have to stay on, indefinitely, but at this point, I'm willing to take meds all day long if it will help.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Been Quiet

Hello friends. It's been a while since I had the time or the energy to post anything. I've been spending most of my time either working, or helping LeLe and MK on their house. I haven't posted anything regarding that, because it is their news to share and I didn't want to steal their thunder, so to speak.

We've spent a lot of hours cleaning and painting. Today we moved everything from the storage building into the house. It's packed full of stuff, and they are both exhausted, but hopefully they will be able to get it all squared away before long.

Other than that, I've just been working. Mom was supposed to have chemo yesterday, but her platelets were still a little too low. So, they wanted us to come up to UAMS on Monday to first check her lab to see if she was up enough, then possible chemo. We finally agreed to just wait until next Friday. That way, I wouldn't have to miss work, and we would be assured her platelet levels would be up enough. She's been feeling fine and still doing what she wants. We keep reminding her to stay away from crowds as much as possible, because there is so much sickness now. Upper respiratory issues, stomach virus... you name it.

The new girl at the clinic has pretty much settled in, and we've had to do some adjusting since she is not actually an LPN. But, all in all, things are going fairly smoothly.

I've been doing a little Facebook visiting off and on, since I registered. I tend to check my email countless times a day, and if there is a message on my wall, I go to it immediately, unless I'm busy doing something important, like, oh say....working. ;) I have a very bad habit of checking my mail everytime I get a notification there is a new message. I wish I could turn that off of my instant messenger. Anyone know how? I have to leave that up, because that is how I connect to the main office staff.

During all the work on the house, my back has been pretty bad. I've been waking up during the night having muscle spasms in my lower back and the pain running down my legs. Doesn't make for a very restful night, now does it? If I can roll out of bed in the morning, I plan to get back to Sunday School. It's been a long time.......

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today would have been Mom's fifth chemo treatment. Unfortunately, her platelets are still so low, even after the transfusion, that they had to postpone it another week. Needless to say, she is not a happy camper and didn't hold back in letting us know. I am glad though, that they are mindful of not giving her too much chemo, because I feel in my heart that is what killed my Dad. He was so weak, his body so overwhelmed with the chemo, that his heart just couldn't handle it any longer. If his oncologist had been as concerned as Mom's is, he would have had an easier time and lasted longer. Yes, he would have lost his battle regardless, but at least his last days would have been a bit easier. I reminded Mom of that, and it seemed to settle her down. I know she is anxious to get it all behind her, but we have to do what is best for her health.

Today, SR and I spent a good portion of the day helping clean and get LeLe's house ready for painting. We cleaned, swept, mopped, wiped down walls, mowed, and cleaned off the carport and front porch. I think we made pretty good headway. Their new neighbor across the street is a very friendly sort, and his daughter offered to mow the back yard with her riding mower. Sweet!!! I'm sure Mabe appreciated that greatly. Hopefully, they will be able to begin painting and keep to their schedule. I hope they post before and after photos too, because they are always so dramatic!

Tomorrow I will run down to Rison to visit Mom, and my baby sister who is down for the weekend. It looks to be a nice fall weekend in South Central Arkansas, USA.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Truth Hurts

In my morning devotional, the subject was "What is Love?" And of course everyone uses I Corinthians 13 for a definition. It spoke to me this morning, when I read certain key verses of that passage.

4: Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;

5: does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;

7: bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.


I wonder how many times I have failed? Or felt the failure of others to show true love? How many times in the past year alone have I moaned about suffering? How many times have I envied someone else? How many times have I been rude or hateful to someone I love? OUCH!Love is the one thing we should be able to depend on in this world.

(italics are mine)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Easy Saturday

It was a nice easy Saturday. SR and I slept in, then ran to Little Rock to meet Jared and his girl for lunch. On the way home, we stopped at an outdoor/ garden type place I've always wanted to check out. I knew it would be expensive, but I didn't know it would be that expensive. Sheesh. I am in the market for a large pot to move my great-grandmother's rose bush into. At present, it is in a low-lying area that is getting less and less sun. It is my understanding they need at least 8 hours of sun a day and need to be in a well drained area. This summer it has barely survived, and bloomed hardly at all. There is no other good place in the yard I can plant and have it actually thrive, so I am going to try the pot idea. I decided to check out some pots at Lowe's tomorrow afternoon.

This afternoon, we left the windows up and enjoyed the fall air. I got out my trusty paints and fed my creative self, then opened a new book and read a bit. SR watched the poor misfortunate Razorbacks as they were pounded into the ground by Texas. We ate a light supper of scrambled eggs and toast, then I proceded to make out a menu for the coming week and a grocery list. I always do a much better job of shopping and cooking when I do this, but seldom really want to take the time to do it. And I'm so tired of the same old thing week after week. I found some tasy looking things in an old cook book I am going to try.

Now, I'm sitting by my open bedroom window. The air is beginning to cool and drift through to me. I can hear every car, every truck, every single vehicle that drives by behind my house, but that's ok. I guess you get used to it. When we lived in the country, the Whipporwills would start singing around sundown and sometimes they were so loud, you couldn't sleep. At least the cars and trucks move on down the road and don't sit just out of sight and constantly repeat their "Chip fell out of the Whiteoak" until you think you'll go mad. Still, I think I'd like to hear that again. It's been a long long time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life is What Happens When You are Making Other Plans

What happened to the life I thought I would be living by now? It's really amazing how differently real life turns out. If we had stayed in Rison, I would probably not be working outside of the home at this point. I never really wanted to be a career woman. I remember when I was very young, that my major goal in life was to have a home and family. I didn't really have a driving need to be anything other than a Mom and wife. Oh, at times I thought I wanted to be a teacher, or a hair dresser, or at one time a commercial artist, but for the most part, just a stay-at-home Mom. While the kids were small, I was able to do that, eventhough the money was very tight. I remember while we were going through that, I kept thinking I needed to get out and make some money. I began working part time here and there, and it went downhill from there. You get used to having more money, then you are stuck having to make it. When the kids began growing older and college loomed in the not too distant future, full time was required to help fund that. And I can remember after the first year or two, I wanted nothing more than to just go to the house and stay there. But, I kept my eye on the prize. I saw retirement in my mind as soon as the kids graduated college and started their own adult lives.

Moving to Sheridan changed all that. You have to give up something to get something. In Rison we had no house payment and no vehicle payment. In Sheridan, we had to purchase a home. Then, (as we would eventually have had to do even in Rison) we had to purchase a new vehicle. Staying home was not an option. It takes money to pay for those things. But, if we had stayed in Rison, I would have been living in a house that needed major renovation, and I would have been pretty isolated, living in the woods. So, you win some, you lose some. Right?

Thing is, I am tired of working. So is SR. We really long for retirement. The long stressful days at work are taking their toll on us. We aren't as young as we used to be you know. I think though, that if we could be doing something we really an attorney who loves the law, a teacher who lives to lead our young, an artist whose joy is to create....AND get paid for it, it might not be so hard to roll out of bed every morning. And even then I think, if you weren't able to set your own hours, and do as you please, it still would be a burden.

Money isn't everything. And today I was thinking that if I knew I had to work until I was 65, I would just say "Let's just sell everything we own and find some little dinky place to live." So I could roll out of bed when I got good and ready and stay up till Midnight if I was of a mind to. And in between? I could do whatever the heck I wanted.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seasons of Change

To everything there is a season.

Monday is the first day of Autumn, thus the end of the Summer season. I love Fall. I think most folks do. I'm anxious to get outside in the crisp air and plant mums and put pretty "stuff" on the porch.

Today was the end of a different season for me. "T", my pal, my friend, my co-worker has left to be a stay-at-home Mommy. Eventhough I totally understand, since I was a stay-at-home Mom myself for several years, I'm crushed. She has been such a good friend, a confidant, a support system, a place to vent....well, you get the idea. I'm going to miss her so very much.

A new season of co-worker will begin on Monday. The new girl has been training for two weeks, but you don't get a good understanding of how things are going to be until she is on her own, and it's just the three of us. She seems quick to learn, pleasant to be around, and dedicated to getting things done. I know she will be an asset, or at least I think she will. But she's not my T.

I started a Facebook page last week. It seems to be a very busy place, but a bit confusing to me. I don't have enough time to sit and figure it all out, so LeLe has been helping me out some. In just a few days I have connected with several folks I am happy to see, and I love the busy-ness of it all. I may become tired of it at some point, and delete it as I did MySpace, but we will see.

It's the weekend for me thank goodness. The new school year has already helped those pesky virus bugs to spread their greedy little wings and infect a large portion of town. I've had to work several extra hours this week. Heaven help us when the weather gets cold for the Winter season.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The oncology nurse called yesterday to inform me that Mom's blood counts were so low, that she required a tranfusion. She is extremely anemic, and it's caused by the chemo. The doctor was concerned because Mom "hasn't even gotten to the worst part of the chemo", the nurse said. When I called her to tell her, I thought she was going to drop the phone she was so shocked. She maintains that she feels fine. No fatigue, no nausea, no nothing. (This has puzzled the nurse every time we see her.)

So, today Sister #2 took her for the transfusion. Her appointment was at 8:00 and she was called back at around 8:10. The IV was started, but much to their aggravation, the blood didn't make it to the lab until after 10:00. She had two units, each taking an hour. As she does during the long chemo days, Mom fretted and fussed having to stay in one place for more than 15 minutes. We keep telling her maybe God is trying to teach her patience. You should see the look we get when we say that too.

When the deed was finally done, Sister called me and told me that Mom was raring to go shopping. You NEVER take Mom to Little Rock, unless you are prepared to go to at least one store to shop.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full Moon

Ike made it's way across Arkansas in speedy fashion, leaving beautiful clear weather behind. Tonight, there is a beautiful full moon and SR suggested I try to capture it with the camera.

It's not "star" quality, but I though it turned out a lovely dark blue with the moon shining above the clouds. The down side of this is that a full moon tends to bring out all the crazy patients. So, tomorrow will more than likely be a very busy, crazy, exhausting day.

Yesterday SR treated me with a lovely day. We drove to Benton to pick up something at Penney's for Mom, and while there, he purchased me a birthday gift. This after already paying for a new "hairdo" on Friday. We then ate lunch at Colton's Steakhouse. Yummy. After that, we visited some antique shops and just browsed. That is one of the few things we enjoy together. He hunts. I don't. I paint and sew. He doesn't. It took about 25 years of marriage to finally find that we both love to browse antique shops. Actually, we were probably too busy trying to raise the family and make ends meet to have any time to find something we both enjoyed. Our work hours never matched and we never had time to spend together anyway. Thank goodness we do now.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Birthday Poem

I have an aunt, who is a couple of years older than my Mom, and is lovingly referred to as "Aunt Bob". She gives our family many moments of fun and just mentioning her brings a smile to our faces. She has coined a phrase or two, and we use them every chance we get. My favorite, and I'm sure the favorite of others, is "He's growed ain't-ee?!"
Periodically, she will send us letters, because she loves to send and receive them. Usually included, is an original poem. Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought I would share the one she sent to me this week.


Happy Birthday to you dear
You will have nothing to fear
Stay as sweet as you are
You will not have to go very far

God is there for all of us
In Heaven there will be no fuss
Have a great day ever
You will be very clever

Keep your chin up high
You all can look up to the sky
Keep that great Big Smile
Together we can walk a mile

There are things we need to know
Together we all can grow
Your family is great
No one will ever be late

by Aunt Bob

Now, how could you not love something like that? This is not the best one she has written, but I think Mom has it. If so, I will borrow and share it. It is one of my favorite poems of all time.

Thanks Aunt Bob. We love you!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Star Patient

Mom saw the oncology-gynocologist Monday. The doctor was so impressed with Mom's progress, she was labled her "Star Patient" and that had the patient grinning from ear to ear. Mom's CA-125 results were amazing. Correct me if I'm wrong here, anyone who knows more....(Chelle?....anyone??...) CA-125 measures the cancer "markers" in the blood. Mom's went from 145 in July to 15.5 at the time of her last treatment three weeks ago. Woooo Hoooo.
She will have two more treatments, then in December, another CT scan. The results of the scan will determine whether we continue chemo, or let it ride.

The day was not all fun and games, however. We had to wait on the doctor for an hour and a half. Doesn't seem like anything ususual for most specialists, but we've never had to wait that long before. At least it took up some of the time we would have had to wait in the lobby of the oncology lab. We only waited about 30 minutes to be called back. Mom's impatience with all of this is increasingly obvious. I take a book, or my portable DVD player and just try to enjoy the time. She doesn't take much of anything to pass the time, so she is miserable. About an hour from finish, she finally took a nap. Poor thing. I know she just does not enjoy being still and cooped up inside. She isn't happy unless she is outside on her mower.

Our new girl at the clinic began this week. She seems very sweet and a little timid. I can see a lot of myself in her. I hope we don't overwhelm her and scare her off.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daily Dose of Laughter

I love reading the Shoebox Blog. It often gives me a laugh when I need it most. I often snicker at the funnies, but this post made me laugh out loud.

11:26 am by Dan

* Butternut Squashed Thumb

* Vegetable Flu

* Wrong Cider of the Tracks

* Caramel Crapples

* Leftover 4th of July Watermelon Surprise

I check I Can Haz Cheezburger several times a day. I love them. They always brighten my day.

No matter how bad the day is, I always smile when I view these blogs. I wish I had the creativity these folks have and I'm thankful they share with the rest of us.

Gustav and Labor Day

We spent the majority of the weekend watching the weather channel, as I'm sure, everyone else did. We are thankful Gustav wasn't as bad as predicted. My baby boy is on his way to New Orleans to help restore power. I have been watching the newscasts where people are standing in front of the canal levy and I'm terrified one will break while my boy is working. I know God will take care of him, but a mother still worries. I am also extremely proud of him.

I was unable to finish out the medication for my infection. The cure was causing more trouble than the cause, but my personal nurse practitioner changed the medication and I should be on the mend soon. I do feel better, however.

I have had so many issues to deal with the last several months, that I have neglected my church. I haven't worried terribly about it, because I know God knows my heart and my issues. I do miss it though, and hope to return this coming Sunday if all goes as planned. It will be strange, since it's been so long, but I long to sing His praises again and hear His Word.

Mom's lab results continue to be questionable, but the GYN-Oncology doctor has things well in hand I'm sure. She and I went to several furniture stores yesterday, since we both felt up to it, but we were unsuccessful. She did find one she really wanted, but it was a very bold floral print and she wanted a solid. Alas, it came in only the floral print. We ate a very tasty lunch at Chili's and also visited Goody's, J.C. Penney, Kohl's and Kirkland's. We had a nice but tiring day. She does get tired more quickly than before her illness, and I never have been able to "shop til I drop" as LeLe can attest. My back didn't bother me until we were a couple of hours into our excursion. That in itself is almost miraculous to me!

Our Tuesday back at work has been hectic and busy, but the time flies. And I might as well get used to it, because school has started and the little ones are already passing illness around like gangbusters.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

The Thursday before my very long weekend, I went home from work sick. I had an infection and just had to go to bed. I was very unhappy at this turn of events, as I had things I wanted to do, and it didn't include staying in the bed for two and a half days.
I finally began to feel enough better on Friday evening, that I was able to do a bit of painting. Saturday was a better day, but I still had to take it slow to keep from feeling worse. Today, I had to go to the clinic and catch up, or I would be in a pickle come Tuesday morning. Still feeling a little puny, but it's slowly getting better. I finished some painting for a friend's little girl's room so, at least I accomplished one thing on my to-do list.

In the midst of all this, Mom's labs had to be redrawn because they were so low. It's amazing how much difference two days make. It seems to be the norm now, for her counts to be very very low at the beginning of the week, but the latter part of the week they jump back up. The oncology nurse keeps asking if Mom feels bad or sickly. She feels as healthy as she always has. No complaints whatsoever. Even gets a little touchy when we remind her of all the precautions she must take to keep from catching some kind of virus.

I intended to take her shopping for a new sofa on Friday, but Sister #2 had to take her in my place. If I am well enough tomorrow, we will hit different stores tomorrow and see if we can find something she likes. She's really not much into the newfangled, ultrasuede, pillowy stuff that is so popular these days. And to be perfectly honest, neither am I. I hope we find something.
I'll have a short week, yoo hoo! but the countdown to the last day for our LPN draws ever nearer. Bummer.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Surprise Discovery

I was clicking on the "Next Blog" link, just surfing and looking for interesting blogs to read. It's late, and I'm not sleepy eventhough I did wake up early, as I stated in my last post. I came across .
There was a link to her web site on Etsy. If I could have anything in the world, just for myself, I would ask for the talent to do exactly this type of thing. The talent, the time, and the demand for it. What I wouldn't give, to have lessons and be better than I am. To have a specific style of painting. To have the ideas and images in my head so strong, that I they would just pour from my fingers like water.

Writer's Block

I have not been able to think of anything to blog about this week. I've thought about it several times, while at the computer answering emails, or verifying insurance coverage, but nothing came to my brain. There have been things happen, but most were of a very personal nature, and not appropriate for public reading.

I was not able to sleep-in this morning, though I had planned to. I even stayed up way past my normal bedtime last night. Why is it that I must drag myself out of bed every work day but on my days off, I wake up unable to go back to sleep? I refused to get up this morning, eventhough I wasn't able to drift back off, and my mind was a whirlwind of activity.

In the background of my thoughts, was a constant repeat of the song, The Prayer by Celine Dion and Josh Groban. I listened to a cd with that playing several times at work this week and it was playing over and over in my head while the thoughts came and went. You know, when you can't get a song out of your head type of thing. Aggravating. But at least I like this song. Don't you hate it when a song you hate does that? Since I haven't blogged all week, I will list the things going round and round in my mind as I laid there trying to go back to sleep.

1. Not being able to go back to sleep.
2. Husband's new work schedule.
3. Scenes from two books I read lately.
4. Christmas present ideas.
5. Mom's last lab results.
6. My physical therapy issues.
7. LeLe's house hunt.
8. J's house repair issues.
9. The person we hired to take the L.P.N.'s place at work.
10. It's payday.
11. Not being able to go back to sleep.
12. Things going on at work.
13. The need to blog.
14. What to blog about.
15. Not being able to go back to sleep.
16. Why that song keeps ringing in my head.
17. Meds I forgot to take last night.
18. What I watched on tv last night.
19. Not being able to go back to sleep.
20. Wayne's world.
21. The traffic behind my house.
22. The packet of papers I need to mail from the office.
23. Mom's next visit to see the oncology doctor.
24. Our garage door opener main box died.
25. It's Friday, why am I not still sleeping?
26. My back.
27. I need to get the photos Chelle took of us printed out and framed.

Ok, that is most of it. All I can remember right now anyway. And did I mention I kept thinking about not being able to go back to sleep? Sheesh.

2. Husband's new work schedule. For the time being, after years and years of working weekends and being off in the middle of the week, he's off on Sat and Sun. Woo hoo. Although at present, he's working the 3-11 shift.

5. Mom's iron levels and cholesterol are way high, while her immune system levels are way low. She has a bruise and a bump where they placed the IV at her last chemo. She complained about it, but they wouldn't re-insert it because it had good flow. Nurse practitioner said to demand they change it next time.

9. I was under the impression we were required to hire an L.P.N. to replace our current one. She is leaving next month to deliver her second child and won't be returning. This week, we hired someone with years of clinic experience, but has no license of any kind. I'm a bit concerned about that. Too many issues to list here, but I just don't have a good feeling about it. We will see what happens and how it goes. I was in on the interview, eventhough I had no say in the hiring. We only interview the one person, and her references weren't even checked. We had an actual L.P.N. submit a resume, but she wasn't even considered. Go figure.

26. My back is much much better, thanks to a very nice physical therapist. He stressed that it will continue to improve if I continue to exercise. And it will go back to painful if I stop. It's something I must do for the rest of my life if I want to be able to function normally. I hate exercise, hate it with a passion, but will do it because I must. I guess it will be like hating to unload the dishwasher, but it's mandatory if you want to load the dirty ones in.

So, it's been a long blog and evidently my writer's block is gone for the present.

Friday, August 15, 2008


The other day I heard someone on the radio say, "If you want to disappoint God, be a complainer." Wow. So, for the record, this is not complaining. This is just stating the facts.

Mom and I had a frustrating day at her chemo treatment. We waited for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, oops, I mean two and a half hours, for the pharmacy to send down her treatment meds. We wound up eating our lunch in the waiting lobby, and then got hungry half way through treatment. We weren't able to leave LR until 4:30, which is obviously the beginning of rush hour. Fortunately, I was only honked at once because the traffic was so heavy, I couldn't get over to let someone merge. I was thanking my Lord I didn't have to drive in that every afternoon.

Mom reminded me we drove in traffic worse than that regularly when I was a kid and we lived in Washington D.C. I have very few memories of that time, I was so young. One was of my Dad standing in the Whitehouse in front of a fireplace. Another is of driving by the reflecting pool in front of the Washington Monument. I would dearly love to go back and see all those places again, but I doubt I ever get to. I would have to travel with someone less phobic about the traffic and unknown.

But, getting back to my facts, we made it fine getting home and she will see the doctor next time. She feels good, but her blood counts have been low. That is to be expected, and we are just glad they haven't dropped so low that her treatment has to be postponed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Adventures in Painting

Friday I drove up to J's place to help him pack for moving and get started painting rooms in his newly purchased home. We had big plans of getting all the little things boxed up, then Friday evening begin painting at least two rooms. We did get things packed, and I cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms, but the painting plans were smashed. The previous owners were not out by the time they originally planned, and we were unable to even get the keys until about 9:30 Friday night. J was thoroughly disgusted with the monkey wrench thrown into his plans. We did go to Lowes and buy the paint, and it was comical to see J's face when he had to pay up for all the paint and supplies. Imagine the cartoons where the main character's eyes bug way out of their sockets and his jaw drops all the way to the floor with a resounding CONK!

Saturday morning, we went to eat a good breakfast, then I began painting his bedroom while he and his roommate began moving boxes and furniture. The comment was made that we all knew who wore the pants in the previous family, because two bedrooms, a half bath, and the enclosed carport were all painted pale pink, with a dark blue floral wallpaper border around the top. It took me quite a while, and quite some energy removing the border before I could even begin to paint. In J's bedroom, we decided on a dark mossy brown for one focal wall and the other three we painted a khaki color. J wanted to paint the entire room the brown, but I vetoed it, afraid it would be too too dark in there with only one small window. It took me all day long to get that one room painted. It took two coats of paint to cover that pink, and I was up and down on the ladder constantly, cutting in around the ceiling and in the corners where the two colors met. But, at the end of the day, it looked fabulous and it was very rewarding to see the transformation. We will tackle the adjoining half bath as soon as I can get back up there. (If he doesn't decide to try it himself.)

His roommate's room was painted Kelly green with a dolphin border. We discussed taking the border off and just leaving that paint color since roommate is ok with it. The other bedroom is one of the pink rooms but has a border of the solar system. Don't ask me why they thought pink worked with that. It will be painted eventually.

I will post photos when J gets things all situated like he wants. We were so tired and didn't even have the beds put back together when I left his place at around 5:00. However, he is relieved to be in a place of his own, and anxious and excited to get it all "fixed up". He wants LeLe and me to come up and help him decorate. He has very good taste, and is very much into how his home looks. ( Must take after his Momma.)

This is the photo of the front the realtor had online.

Today, I am so sore and tired I can hardly move, but I would do it all again and again. We Moms love doing for our children.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Bit of Good News

I visited a physical therapist today. I finally decided to do something about my back pain. The good news is, my back is pretty much normal for someone my age. And my pain is not due to the degenerative disk disease that is also common for folks my age. It's a muscular problem that should be helped by specific exercise.

I'm not much of a lover of exercise, but if it will allow me to walk around, shopping for groceries, antiques, etc. and be more physically active, I'll do it. I'd be crazy not to. I will also be visiting the therapist a couple of times a week for a short time to accelerate the process. Therapist suggested pilates. Ugh. I tried those once, and they must be pretty awesome things because they nearly killed me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Insert Caption

I'm inviting all to suggest comical captions for this photo. I love it.

"Now kids, let Grandmaw tell you about the time that old Black snake joined me in the outhouse."

For Your Viewing Pleasure

These are just a few of the pictures Chelle took of us last Saturday at Mom's. If you didn't already know, she has her own photography blog and is very gifted.

A Day to Rest?

My own personal R.N.P. advised me to go home last night, take something strong, sleep all night and most of the day today. Together we have sorta-kinda diagnosed me as just being totally exhausted. My blood pressure has been up the last few days, I've had a slight headache, and I'm so tired I can hardly function. No other symptoms though. Unfortunately, anything that will totally knock me out, does so for days instead of hours. Otherwise, I would be in la la land as we speak (write.) I did get to sleep late today and that was nice. Not enough, but nice.

I think I've been on the go for so long, my poor body has just about had enough. I work from 8 to 6 four days a week, then go down to Mom's at least one day, do all my grocery shopping and errand running one day, and then try to do housework the third off day. I can't remember the last time I was able to stay home all day long and rest. Again today, I am required at my Mom's because the dish network guy will be there sometime between the hours of 12 and 5 and I have to be there to sign papers. While I'm there, I might as well work on trying to finish up the painting we still have left.

Tomorrow, J is coming to pick up some furniture items we are giving him for his new house. I'm hoping I can sleep in again. I will be thrilled to see my baby boy, and give him some things he needs. I fear the day will not be restful however.

I don't mind doing all these things. I'm just really worn out. I hope I can get some rest on Sunday since it is supposed to be a day of rest.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All's Well

Mom's colonoscopy showed no problems. Thank you Lord.

Searching for More

Mom is undergoing a colonoscopy this morning, to rule out any other cancer. Sister #2 is taking her so I don't have to miss more work. Of course that means she has to miss more work. Bless her. Will post results when I know them.

I can't believe July is at an end. School will start again soon, and the traffic in Sheridan, Arkansas will be tremendous. We are in the process of building a by-pass, but it will still be years before it's completed. At one time the intersection of highways 167 and 270 were the busiest ones in Arkansas. I don't know if it still is, but it's pretty bad at times. You can't get through there at the end of the school day, or on Friday afternoons. And if you want to get anywhere on the Friday before deer season begins, you'd better learn an alternate route. It's backed up for miles. Pretty sad for a town of only 4000.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Buzz and the Color Purple Revisited

We finally buzzed Mom's hair. This is the before shot. (photo courtesy of LeLe.)

This is the after shot. Courtesy of me. We decided to go ahead and cut it all because it was beginning to look patchy, and it was painful. The nurse practitioner, who also lost her hair during chemo for breast cancer, said her head hurt too when the hair was coming out.

And here is Mom wearing her sparkly purple hat that everyone loves!