Monday, July 30, 2007


I was looking for something the other day, and came across this photo of Chelle when she was a young'un. She was getting ready for her cousin, Barbie's wedding and her Mom was "doing her hair" up right. She was always a cutie pie, and I thought those who read my blog regularly, and know her would find this interesting. So Chelle, enjoy!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

From the Mouths of Babes....

Our Sunday School lesson this morning was about how Mary annointed Jesus's feet and wiped them with her hair. The main point was that you can worship the Lord in many different ways, not just by attending a church service. She showed the Lord how much she loved him, by humbling herself before a group of men, who probably thought she was in the way. Judas was aggravated that the precious oil could have been sold and he could have pocketed the coin. As I was explaining the story to the 3rd graders, I asked them to suggest ways they could personally worship Jesus, and show Him how much they appreciated what He had done for them, and how much they loved him. One of the suggestions was to read their Bibles. Kendall, a very lovely child with a very mature understanding of the Bible's stories made a comment that stopped my heart. "You know, the Bible is like Jesus's feet, and our eyes are the oil." I was moved to tears.

"Suffer the little children unto Me, for such is the Kingdom of God."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movies and Entertainment

Husband and I have been very disappointed with our Dish Network. Not the way it performs, but the choices available for the prices charged. We've subscribed to different packages, trying to find something worth watching and have unsubscribed after about a month of seeing the same shows or movies over and over again. To get everything that is offered, it costs a small fortune, and we are not THAT into tv. The last two weekends we have rented movies and have been disappointed in those as well. Searching at the movie rental place is not a fun experience by any stretch of the imagination and the cost for renting a crummy movie is just too much. Trying to order pay-per-view movies are a joke. If you find something interesting, it begins at some weird time, such as 5:40 or 6:20. Why can't they begin at 7:00 or 7:00? I think I'm going to try using Netflix and see how that goes. LeLe said she heard it's a pretty good system. Any of you out there use Netflix? Anything I should know before I take the plunge?

We rented The Shooter with Mark Wahlberg and The Fountain with Hugh Jackman this weekend. Shooter was pretty good for a change. Fountain was extremely hard to understand, and the parts that were understandable were so sad I was tearing up. Any good suggestions for movies to order from Netflix?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Week in Review

Ever feel like the news is all bad? That seems to be the case for my week. I haven't posted anything for fear of sounding really self pitying and resentful. I've heard lots of sad tales this week, and it makes me think my life is not so bad, but it has definitely been a hard hard week. My co-workers have both been under the weather. One has asthma and had several attacks this week. The other had a touch of the stomach flu, then fell from her horse yesterday and broke her ankle. The clinic has been booked to the max every day and it's been a real struggle to keep up. One day it seemed like every one that came in brought a family member to be seen as well, without asking ahead of time. So we saw double the amount we had scheduled at the beginning of the day. As far as real problems, this is petty. There are several I know who have real serious issues and my prayers are going up for them. It's still hard to rest and relax when there is so much stress during the work day. I'm hoping I can let some of it out tomorrow as it's Friday and we are closed.

Friday, July 20, 2007


1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was… a quick peck before bed last night. Husband leaves for work before I wake up.

2. I am listening to…highway traffic noise and the air conditioner.

3. I talk…too much.

4. I am dating…hmmmm, can't remember.

5. My best friend…my husband.

6. My car is…a truck.

7. I hate it when people ask…who does your teeth? It's a complimentary question, but it's not like they are done every week like a hairdresser. God did my teeth.

8. Love…is Joy

9. Marriage is…comfort, support, companionship, loyalty.

10. Somewhere, someone is thinking…Don't these people have a life?

11. I’m always… tired.

12. I have a secret cheesy crush…It's a secret, remember?.

13. My mobile phone…For convenience only. I don't like to talk on phones much.

14. When I wake up in the morning…I wish I was still asleep.

15. When I go to bed at night…I take my RLS med, sit in the bed with a book and wait for the pill to take effect.

16. Right now I am thinking about…my need to get off this computer and clean the house.

17. Babies are…the only thing of this world that's perfect.

18. I get on myspace…Only to check out my son and one friend who sends me messages that way.

19. Today I…want to be lazy, but have housework to catch up on and errands to run.

20. Tonight I will…do the same thing I do every night. Find something to eat, sit on the couch and read while husband alternately naps and channel surfs.

21. Tomorrow I will…enjoy another day at home and prepare for teaching Sunday School.

22. I really want…to be a rich retired person, playing golf, traveling for fun, and playing with my grandchildren.

23. Someone that will most likely repost this is…hmmmm, good question.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Music To Work By

I just came across two pretty good Christian musicians. I was hunting on ITunes for some good stuff to listen to while I work. If you are interested, go check out Fernando Ortega and Mark Schultz. I like songs that are easy to sing along with, and these two fit that bill. Let me know if any of you are familiar with them and what you think.

Act Your Age

As you may know, I teach 3rd graders in Sunday School and the children all meet in what we lovingly named the Kids PARK. (Praise and Rejoice in the King) Last Sunday all the children met together in the park and had a relay race. (I can see LeLe beginning to grin like a 'possum) In the race, they had to pick up items, take it back to the line, and the next person had to carry all items, pick up another item and carry it back, etc., etc. One group needed one more player. (Ok, you can see where I'm going with this) I volunteered.

As I was returning to the line with my arms full of items, some invisible gremlin lassoed my ankles and pulled my feet out from under me. (That's my story and I'm stickin to it) I fell. I fell hard with no way to catch myself since my arms were full. If I had a brain, I would have laid there and pretended to be terribly hurt, salvaging my pride a little, but NO, I immediately pushed the items into the child's arms who came to help me up. And then I got up and ran another round. No harm no foul. "No, I'm fine." "Yeah, I'm ok."

Within 45 minutes, my neck and shoulders began to tighten up and hurt. I continued to sit in worship service as we had "Paid In Full" performing and they are awesome. I toughed it out. As the day went on, the pain got worse, so I wound up taking drugs. It's now Tuesday and I'm feeling pretty bad. Thank goodness for medications that my personal nurse prescribes for idiots like me. It's hard getting old. Not only does the place you hit hurt, but it effects your entire body.

I will probably resist the temptation to volunteer for another running game.....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quick Recipe

Just thought I would share this quick and easy recipe that my co-worker shared with me. I found it very tasty and easy to prepare.

Little Quiches

6 eggs
1/2 to 3/4 cup shredded cheese
1/2 can of mushrooms drained (must be canned mushrooms)
1/4 to 1/3 can of rotel tomatoes drained

Thinly sliced ham lunchmeat (Optional)

Beat eggs with fork until well broken up, add remaining ingredients. You can pour this mixture into a well greased or sprayed muffin pan or use the lunchmeat as a sort of 'crust'. You can also use muffin/cupcake foils in the pan. If you use paper muffin/cupcake liners, it will stick to the eggs.

Bake at 350 degrees depending on your oven until the egg is set. (my oven only takes 325 degrees) Don't over cook. You can make them as large or small as you want. You could even use the mini muffin pan.

If you don't like mushrooms, you can leave them out, or substitute broccoli or another vegetable. I tried this today and it didn't take long at all. I was so pleased at how they turned out.

3 Day weekends....Blessing or Curse?

I work four 10 hour days. Actually, I get an hour for lunch, so technically, I only work 9 hours. Some days, I do wind up working 10 hours, especially if it's terribly busy. But I get Fridays off. Sounds great huh? And it is, but..... by the time Friday rolls around, I'm so exhausted, I can't enjoy the day. I'm ok on Monday and Tuesday, but I can feel the fatigue beginning on Wednesday and by Thursday night, I'm absolutely worthless. I normally wind up spending Friday sleeping late, and laying around the house recuperating. I get very little accomplished. This Friday, my sister and I took our mother to a doctor's appointment and then did a little shopping. It was a very good day and we enjoyed each other's company. Eventhough I was home earlier than expected, I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch. It's Saturday and I now must force myself to do some housework, grocery shop and cook since I don't cook much during the week. I am beginning to question the whole Fridays off thing. Is it worth it? I don't know. And when the flu season hits again this fall and winter, will I be able to even function at all by Friday?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mercy and Healing

I have shared with friends and family a story which has touched me deeply in the last two days, and I will share it here. A young man named *Cody Stothers has just been diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease named PKD. He has cysts covering his kidneys and apparently, there is no cure or treatment for this. Cody is 16, a straight A student, and very sweet and respectful. He has been raised by his grandmother, Frances Taylor who is a sweetheart herself but not well off financially.

The doctor who diagnosed this illness, was less than sympathetic in my opinion, if what I am told is true. I understand that in a world of seeing children with terrible illness day in and day out that you develop a certain distance. But to reveal this news with no warning, no preparation or no offer of help is very traumatic for a 16 year old and his aging grandmother. Imagine yourself at 16. You are in a sterile doctor's exam room, the doctor walks in, dims the lights, places his hand on your knee and tells you "You have PKD and it's fatal." When you are finally able to speak, you ask if you can have dialisis, or a kidney transplant and you are told "No", then you are told to come back in 6 months.

It breaks my heart to hear of this kind of tragedy, and I realize how very blessed we are. Our God is merciful and He can heal anything. He is still in the business of Miracles in my opinion and I ask that you help me pray for one.

* Mrs. Taylor gave permission to use their names.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Before and After

I created a Picasa album to display our clinic photos. We recently remodeled and we are so pleased with how it turned out, that I wanted to share. If you are interested, you can go to and take a look see.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First The Eyes...

In the process of getting old, it seems the first things to go are the eyes. I've worn glasses or contacts since I was in the 5th grade. Don't worry about how long ago that was... When in my teens and early twenties I wore contacts. After so many years of that, my eyes got tired so I periodically went from glasses to contacts and back. When my health insurance began to cover corrective surgery, I jumped on the band wagon and had the old RK procedure. That is where they actually cut little lines in your lens. It was a miracle of science and I was contact/glasses free for years and years. Enter old age. My RK surgery lasted much longer than the norm and I am very thankful of that, but now my eyes are feeling their age. Before RK, when I'd get up in the mornings I couldn't see where I was going, because I was nearsighted. Now when I get up in the mornings, I can't see what I am doing because I've become farsighted. I can read enough without glasses to do my work, but not enough to read a book for pleasure, or read labels in the grocery store. I have trouble putting my makeup on in the mornings, so I have to stand at a distance from my mirror. There is a silver lining however, standing that far from the mirror, I can't see my makeup mistakes or my wrinkles.... I THINK I look FABULOUS.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Long Distance Relationships

As I may have stated before, other than the two women I work with, I have no close friends. Close as in physically close by, nor close as in best friends for life. I have however, met two very special people in my genealogy research that have become very dear to me. I've met several nice people, and some of them I wanted to maintain a relationship with, but for some reason or another, we lost touch, moved apart, or life got in our way. Not so with "Y" and "J" as I will refer to them for privacy's sake. I did meet Y once in person while I was doing my famous "cemetery hopping". (If you are confused, refer to my 8 Random Things post.) She and I have family resting in Crossroads Cemetery in Cleveland County, AR. I met "J" doing research as well, but have never set eyes on her. I've seen photos, but that just doesn't cut it. She took the job of maintaining the Cleveland County Rootsweb website when I had to take a break. A seven year break, and now I am again the coordinator. Anyway, these two are ALWAYS there for me. They may be quiet for a while, but if I am in pain, need to vent, or just need a friendly hello, they answer my email immediately. They have read message after message where I have poured my heart, anger, and fear out. I hope I have been there for them in the same way. The miracle of internet access is wondrous. I would feel even lonelier than I do, if I didn't have it. It's a necessity to me now, much like electric power, heat, phone..... I want to tell them how much they have meant to me. I thank both of them from the bottom of my heart. Y, I hope we can connect again soon. J, I really want to see you and hug you in person at least once.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

His Mysterious Ways

For years I was active in teaching children's Sunday School and even started a Children's Church program at my former church home. I have always loved children, and when I was younger, I considered becoming a teacher. I am more comfortable with children than my peers, and I think I sometimes use that to hide. 6 years ago, we joined a new church, and for a while I just attended adult class and worship. I felt it was time to take a break and it was restful. After a time,the Lord began convicting me of my need to be more active. I offered to help with Children's Church and though it was very rewarding, it became a burden, as I spent the Sunday School hour setting up, and the worship service teaching. I don't believe working for our Lord should feel that way, so I resigned and once again attended adult classes and worship, taking a break. The Lord began to work in my heart again, and I was moved to begin teaching 3rd Grade Sunday School class. For the last two years I have loved being with the children and leading them to a deeper understanding of God's Love and what He expects of His children. I also volunteered to teach Preschool Choir and even joined the adult choir. All three of those jobs at once was too hard and I gave up Children's Choir, then adult choir. Now, I am again convicted by the need to be in a place where I am being "discipled" instead of repeating children's Bible stories week after week. I've prayed and asked for direction, and feel it is time for me to join the adults once again.

It's mysterious to me, how the Lord moves you from place to place teaching you along the way. Every situation, every experience, teaches you something He wants you to know. I don't feel that I am supposed to be completely still, but am involved with a missions team that is encouraging/leading our church to embrace the Acts 1:8 Challenge. This is a task that is ongoing, but I am not confined to meetings Sunday after Sunday. I also will be trying to maintain our church website, when we can get it up and running correctly. (We have been offline for a while due to circumstances beyond our control) I will now focus on my own spiritual growth and see where the Lord takes me from here. By reading this, you may think I'm easily bored. There may be some truth to that, but I still believe God uses even that to further His kingdom. After all, He can do anything. Can't He!?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Peat and Repeat

This is the second of only two posts I added to the myspace page. Has anyone ever heard their grandparents refer to a couple as Peat and Repeat? I would be interested to know.

Revolution (originally posted on July 4, 2007

I've not often really truly appreciated the 4th of July. Of course I love being off work, and I do appreciate that I live in America, but not enough. When in high school, I remember studying about the revolution and all I was concerned about was remembering enough to pass the test. The famous battles and quotations have always been disjointed in my mind. Yes, I remember the phrase "The shot heard round the world." And "One if by land, two if by see." I remember history in little snippets. Today, I watched the History Channel's documentary on the American Revolution with keen interest. After all these years, (I've been out of high school for 31 years), I was able to put it together in sequence and connect all the dots. Now, I'm not saying I will remember it long, but today I am rather pleased to actually understand how it all came together. And I realize fully the sacrifice that was made for our freedom. I never remembered or understood exactly what the Stamp Act was, didn't connect Paul Revere's ride with the famous "Shot", but now I see.

I could see the hand of God in some of the successful battles that should have been lost. Whether America will admit it or not, God has blessed us. Much more than we deserve, I might add. I truly wish we could get back to the precepts that originated the move to the New World, and the Biblical basis for our legal system. America, America, God shed His Grace on thee.

Eventhough the Revolution didn't start out as just that, but as a gradual progression, I'm so very blessed to be one of those who enjoy the results. I can't imagine living in a country where the freedoms we have are not allowed. Being able to sleep late, and lay around the house doing nothing all day may not be the best way to spend a holiday such as this, but it was sooo very nice and relaxing.


I first wrote this and posted it on my Myspace page blog. I decided I would go ahead and post it here as well so those who don't do the myspace thing could read it.

8 Random Things about me....

Ok, so three of the people I most check out on their blog have done the "8 Random Things" about themselves. I have not created a blog, simply because I didn't really think anyone would be interested enough to read. And I don't know that my life is any way close to being interesting enough to even have something to write. I mean, who wants to read...."Came home from work exhausted. Ate a little supper, read a little book, went to bed."??

So, since the 8 random things is so interesting to me, I decided I would try. It may take a while for me to come up with 8 things worth writing about but here goes...

1. I have a phobia. Actually, I have two. Uh....make that three. First one is most terrifying. Heights. Not only am I afraid of tall mountains or tall tall bridges, but I can't even climb a ladder to access our attic in the garage. Second phobia is the fear of confrontation. I don't seem to be able to defend myself against an attack unless I'm pushed so far, I explode. And then I cry because I actually fought back. Third (and this is the most embarrassing) Driving to a place I've never been, am unfamiliar with, or in heavy downtown Little Rock traffic. Even simple trips to someone's house if I've never been there. Why the fear? I can't explain it. Maybe the fear of making a wrong turn, getting lost, causing someone else driving close to me to be inconvenienced or some such craziness.

2. I am probably more involved in my grown children's day to day life and that of their friends, than the norm. I have no close friends my own age, and I guess I compensate by inserting myself into their daily life whether they like it or not. I read their blogs every day, I check out their Myspace pages every day, and I comment on conversations they are having with each other. I would imagine they roll their eyes at my postings from time to time.

3. I love to paint. Anyone who knows me knows that. And not just painting a picture. I love to paint walls. Solid color walls, faux finish walls, murals... I often wish I had been able to make a career out of it. Living in small town Arkansas does not lend itself to that kind of career.

4. I like to iron. Yes, as in press clothes. Am I crazy? Probably. I think it has to do with taking something wrinkled and ratty looking, and smoothing it out to show how lovely and crisp it can be.

5. I like to cemetery hop. Cemetery hop you say? Not like a bunny, but as in traveling from cemetery to cemetery. Well, only if I have ancestors buried in a particular cemetery. I am into genealogy and headstones give facts. It also gives me a sort of peace, knowing my family lays at rest in a particular spot. Not that their soul is there, but I know where they were last seen....

6. I've been married for 30 years to the young man who began dating only me when I was 15 and he was 20. What in the world did a 15 year old have to offer a grown man? He often says he raised me like he wanted me. And I believe he did to some degree. They say the longer you are married the more alike you become. I can see that happening in little ways. And that's ok. It makes our world a little less spastic.

7. I lived in 7 different states by the age of 12. My father was a career Marine. SEMPER FI!!! Needless to say, I had a bit of trouble in school until we settled in my parents' home town. I look back on my report cards Momma saved and see a lot of D's. Especially in Math.

8. I love people, but often feel lonely. Especially in a crowd. I am not good at small talk. I do ok with family, but at places like church, weddings, ball games... I am uncomfortable.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Earning a Living

I work in the front office of a medical clinic. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones... There are four medical clinics in our little town. One of them has been closed all week, one was booked to capacity, the other was open, but the doctor was out, and there is our clinic. For some strange reason, folks seem to think we are sitting there just waiting for them to call for an appointment. They try every other clinic, then call us thinking we can fit them right in. All week, for some reason, we have been booked with no openings all day every day. Today was no exception. This morning, I spent probably a solid hour just answering the phone and taking messages of people requesting to be seen. It was unreal how many calls were patients of other doctors thinking we would fit them right in. I can't remember turning down so many new patients in one day. We try very hard to "work in" our established patients even when we are booked solid, and at times we even try to work in other doctor's patients, but this morning was just crazy. There are those who beg to come in, you tell them "ok, be here at 11:00 and we will work you in before lunch." They show up at 1:00 trying telling you that they were told 1:15, because they had their own agenda or simply because they want their own way. And don't get me started on people we've never seen who just walk in the door expecting to be seen, and can't understand why we say we can't.

Now I'm not above waiting till the last minute to call the doctor's office on occasion. I understand how sometimes time just gets away from you and you forget to call for a refill on your meds, etc. And I understand that your child gets up that morning running fever and pulling at his little ears. Those are the ones we work in no matter how busy we are. But adults who say "I've been sick for a week and I just can't shake it." It's 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon and they are leaving for Florida in the morning and need to be seen. Give me a break.

First Post

I've just created this. Not sure where I'm going with it, but I've been thinking about this for a while. I have blogged a little on myspace, but not many folks view my page there, so I thought this would be easier to access.

Hello to all of you who know me. And welcome to those who don't.