Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Musing

Good Saturday morning to you all.

As I lay in the bed this morning, I wondered what kind of person you are when you wake up in the morning.
Do you....

Pop your eyes open and jump out of bed to meet the day?

Crack one eye wide enough to see the alarm, and hit the snooze button?

Lay there a while and get your bearings?

Roll over and groan, wishing you didn't have to get up?

I wake up often during the night, so when it's getting close to time for me to get out of bed, I am in and out of sleep. While I'm awake, I start thinking about everything in the world.

 Well Lord, You gave me another day. Thanks a bunch.
What was that prayer request I wrote down last night?
Oh, my joints hurt.
I think I'm pretty happy about that quilt I finished yesterday.
Which quilt will I work on today?
Am I going to eat healthy today or blow it again?
Now, let me figure out exactly how I'm going to go about creating this idea I have.
How many things am I planning to TRY to get done today.
Oh yeah, this is a great idea for a blog post. Let me write it out in my head...
Oh, my joints hurt. I'm hungry. Guess I'd better get up now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Elissa and Her Baby Boy #2

Michael Abel Hunzicker was born 7/27/11 at 5:53 pm. He weights 2 lbs 3 oz, he is in the NICU and doing very well. 
That is Elissa's status on her facebook page. Isn't it wonderful?!!! They will be in the hospital for a while I'm sure, but at least she won't be restricted to the bed now. God is good and she is very appreciative of your prayers on their behalf.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elissa and Her Baby Boy

Please say a prayer for Elissa Hunzicker and her baby boy. Elissa has developed a fever and some kind of infection. The baby will be born today, and he is at 28 weeks.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on Elissa

I wanted to let those of you who have been praying for Elissa Hunzicker, that she is doing very well. The baby is active and growing and the nurses are well pleased. Since Elissa hasn't gone into labor yet, the outlook is good. Her main problem now is boredom! She can sit in a wheelchair for short periods, and take a shower, but will still be on bed rest in the hospital until the baby is born. Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

I'd also like you to remember her mother Debbie, who has countless issues going on as well as her worry over Elissa.
Thank you all.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too Much

Lately, I've been trying to do too much. And it makes me tired.  Here is how a typical day goes for me...

Get up, shake myself awake and take morning meds.
Sit down at the computer to do my online Bible Study.
Eat a bowl of cereal.
Get on the elliptical for 25 minutes.
Begin straightening things up for LMW's arrival if it's his day here. If not, take a shower and get ready to leave the house for any errands that must be taken care of. Such as grocery shopping, bill paying, etc.
Then I either try to do some housework, or start working on sewing projects.
(Sewing projects in the plural seem to be my norm. I have at least three going at all times. right now it's four.)
Eat a meal sometime in there, and do a little snacking.)
If LMW is here, most of the day is filled with entertaining, feeding, loving on, rocking and playing with him.
Begin preparing supper while I either continue to love on LMW, or continue to clean or sew.
If it's been a LMW day, sometime after he leaves I get in the bathtub.
 Clean up kitchen after supper.
Sew on one of my projects. Either at the machine or in the rocker by hand.
Take nightly meds.
Try to read either an inspirational book, or blogs before meds kick in.
And at odd times during the day, I will check email, read some favorite blogs, and surf/search the internet for things I think I need.

My husband pointed out to me yesterday that I have lost my sense of humor. I'm so stressed by what I think I MUST be doing, that I am not relaxing any and pushing myself too hard. So, I've determined to try to change that.  Today so far...

Slept in. Oh my that felt good.
Meds and Bible study. (that's non negotiable)
Bowl of cereal. ( I have trouble tolerating supplements, so Special K is my daily dose of vitamins)
Sat down and did some handwork on a project. (Kept thinking I needed to be up doing something else, but I made myself sit there and enjoy it.)
Started reading blogs I usually skim.

So, now my plans are to eat some lunch, do a LITTLE housework, and then take my time working on the tee shirt quilt project I'm doing for a friend.  I have them all cut out and I laid it all out on the floor to see how I wanted to connect them.

I'm headed off to enjoy a leisurely lunch. I'm trying to physically slow myself down, so maybe I can mentally slow down. Life is too short to be hurrying around like there's a whip behind you snapping.  I must slow down and enjoy each moment. And I need to be a more pleasant person to my husband. :P

The Latest Update

My friends, here is a note Elissa's Mom, Debbie sent me this morning:
"Magnesium sulfate will be stopped today. The steroid has had time to do whatever it's going to do to help LMH's (She's calling the baby Little Man Hunzicker) lungs. Then it's wait and see if she goes into labor or not."
When they find out when labor might start, or how long it may be, she'll let me know. There are concerns about labor due to her past surgeries and scar tissue. They so much appreciate all the prayers lifted on their behalf and ask that we continue to remember them.

I hope that you all will forgive my focus on this right now. This family is very special to me, and I just want to add as many pray-ers as possible for their situation.

Thank you again,
P.S. In case you'd like a face to go with your prayers, here are photos of Elissa and her husband Mikey. Oh, and she pronounces her name "Eleesa" :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update on Elissa

Elissa is at Phoebe Putney Memorial in Albany (Georgia)
According to the doctor, she is not dilated and her cervix is still thick. (Praise the Lord!)
It seems 48 hours is the magic number. If she doesn't go into labor in that time they have a good chance of keeping the baby in the womb and letting him keep growing and developing his lungs.

Her emotional state is much better today. She's close to home with both families around her. Both sets of the father's grandparents live in Albany. Best hospital in south Georgia for this type of thing. God is still taking care of her and the baby.

Debbie writes:
Thank everyone for the prayers! I know they're being answered! I don't think Elissa's emotional state is as fragile now, but prayers to keep her faith up are much appreciated!

Thank you all so very much for helping me pray for this family. Please keep it up until the little man is safe!


Dear friends, I have a prayer request.

My dear friend Debbie's daughter Elissa is in the hospital trying desperately to hold on to her unborn baby boy. She is only about 26 weeks and her water broke last night. This is the young woman I've spoken of in the past, who overcame abdominal cancer and losing an unborn baby as well as a husband. (to divorce) She is now happily remarried and expecting their little boy. Please help me pray the child is able to stay in the womb long enough to survive when he's born.

Thank you for your past prayers and for this one as well.
God is good and is still in control.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday, a Proverbs 31 woman was laid to rest and I attended her funeral. Her name is Norma, and she is not a close family member in the sense of relativity or genealogy. But she is close in my heart as well as my husband's. Her family is close knit, and they have been devastated by her loss, even if they are elated that she is with the Father and her husband now.

In the service her son delivered a moving eulogy. The things he said of her were so very honorable. So very loving and warm, as well as funny. We were all moved to tears at his words.

 Proverbs 31: 28 was read and in our online Bible study we have been in Proverbs, so that was a particular blessing to me.

"Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her."
The pastor pointed out what a blessing she was to her family and to the church.

Verse 20: "...Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy" He spoke of the work she'd done in her church, and how active she was for years and years, still attending Sunday School as often as health would permit. In past years she carried countless children to VBS, and worked with the Red Cross in relief efforts.

 When asked what her greatest accomplishment was, she would always answer, "Having and raising my three children who I love." 
On the way home, and afterward, I thought about what was said about this woman. I pondered on how loved she was and what kind of legacy she left.

 Will that be the kind of legacy I leave?  Will my children rise up and call me blessed? Have I done the kind of job raising them and loving them that would leave them with words and feelings such as these? Do I have such a countenance that my daughter would gladly spend years taking care of me and being my companion? Or am I so self centered, and shallow that spending time with me would be a burden? Will my church family care enough about me to fill the church to overflowing at my passing? Or am I just taking up space in a pew?

When I leave this world, I hope and pray two of the many many good things spoken about Norma, are said about me by my children and by church members and friends. She was an active and devoted child of God, and she was loved greatly by her family.  If this is a selfish wish, I will admit guilt. 

I had a dream once, where God asked me the one thing I wanted of Him. I answered, "To be remembered as kind." He told me He would grant that request, but it would cause me regret. I'm not sure what he meant, but I think it was that being kind would leave me unable to defend myself at times.  If that is the case, I bear that burden gladly. Leaving a legacy of kindness is a good thing I think.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Special Delivery

Yesterday I delivered the quilts, bibs and burp cloths I finished for the NICU at St. Vincent's Infirmary in Little Rock. What an experience that was! I am going into detail so bear with me. I was just so full of joy with this!

When I arrived, all the nurses seemed to rush into the station to see what was going on. And when they began to make exclamations of delight, I was so humbled. One asked me to give my story on why I was doing this, and my answer was something like this:

"My grandson was here in the NICU for a couple of days 14 months ago, and y'all were so good to him. God has blessed me to be able to stay home and keep him, and I wanted to share that and bless others."

The director of the NICU, Jenny, asked me what my grandson's name was, and they took some photos of me holding their favorite quilt. She asked if they could post my photo and story on the wall board and I gave them the ok. She then took me around to one of the rooms, to show me how they could drape the quilts over the little boxes where the babies were monitored. And oh my....

There was a tiny tiny little boy in this photo that you can't see. His name is Cayden and he was so little and frail. Jenny asked if I'd like to give the quilt to his mother, and I did. I wish I had been more prepared for that, because I was really at a loss for words. The only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Would you like to have this quilt for your baby?" And his mother put her hand over her mouth and began to cry.

I touched her on the arm and told her, "Oh please don't cry honey. This is from God and not from me." I then asked the baby's name and the nurses did a little talking, explaining she could hold the baby with the quilt if she wanted to, and drape it over the box where the baby lay. As I was leaving, they took another photo.

I told this sweet Mama and her husband, "God bless you." and left the room.  We went back to the nurse's station and talked a little more, and I explained that I would bring more as I got them made. They were all so appreciative and I thanked them several times for allowing me to do this. God is so good.

I didn't ask what was wrong with Cayden, didn't feel it was my place, but God knows. I prayed over the quilt and the child who would receive it while I created it. I know Cayden will be ok.   I hope that the next time I go, I stay in the background a little more and put God in the foreground. And I hope and pray that He will give me better words to say. Words of wisdom and comfort.

I'm not sharing this to give myself credit in any way. I just wanted you to see how doing God's will, participating in a ministry FOR HIM, and helping "the least of these" can be such a powerful blessing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Thoughtful Thursday

I am thoroughly enjoying the Women's Bible Study that Tonya from Hillbilly Handiworks is leading. We are studying Proverbs and it's pretty cool if you ask me. Kudos to Tonya!

Even though it's still HOT, the temps in our area have dropped a tad. And I mean a tad, but any little bit is precious.

LMW is growing too big for his britches and is a joy to behold. I'm so thankful I get to stay home and keep him.

I delivered quilts to the St. Vincent NICU today. It was a moving experience that I will share in another post.

I've been thinking about adding a page to my blog about my faith. It may be boring reading for others, but if I'm supposed to do it, I will. I'm still sort of waiting to see exactly what God wants me to say.

My brother is crashing with us some these days. He has been living at my Mom's house since her death, and just hired on in Hot Springs at an avionics place. The drive from Rison to Hot Springs is just too much for his vehicle every day, not to mention the cost of gas. It's not quite as far from my house. I'm hoping and praying he will be able to find a place of his own, as that is his desire. I don't mind him being here at all, just want him to be happy. 

And since he is staying in my sewing/guest room, my sewing is not coming along as I'd like. I wanted to do Tonya's paper pieced heart, but it's not working out for me. I'll have to put that off. Sorry Tonya.

That's all for today boys and girls. Have a good one.