Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too Much

Lately, I've been trying to do too much. And it makes me tired.  Here is how a typical day goes for me...

Get up, shake myself awake and take morning meds.
Sit down at the computer to do my online Bible Study.
Eat a bowl of cereal.
Get on the elliptical for 25 minutes.
Begin straightening things up for LMW's arrival if it's his day here. If not, take a shower and get ready to leave the house for any errands that must be taken care of. Such as grocery shopping, bill paying, etc.
Then I either try to do some housework, or start working on sewing projects.
(Sewing projects in the plural seem to be my norm. I have at least three going at all times. right now it's four.)
Eat a meal sometime in there, and do a little snacking.)
If LMW is here, most of the day is filled with entertaining, feeding, loving on, rocking and playing with him.
Begin preparing supper while I either continue to love on LMW, or continue to clean or sew.
If it's been a LMW day, sometime after he leaves I get in the bathtub.
 Clean up kitchen after supper.
Sew on one of my projects. Either at the machine or in the rocker by hand.
Take nightly meds.
Try to read either an inspirational book, or blogs before meds kick in.
And at odd times during the day, I will check email, read some favorite blogs, and surf/search the internet for things I think I need.

My husband pointed out to me yesterday that I have lost my sense of humor. I'm so stressed by what I think I MUST be doing, that I am not relaxing any and pushing myself too hard. So, I've determined to try to change that.  Today so far...

Slept in. Oh my that felt good.
Meds and Bible study. (that's non negotiable)
Bowl of cereal. ( I have trouble tolerating supplements, so Special K is my daily dose of vitamins)
Sat down and did some handwork on a project. (Kept thinking I needed to be up doing something else, but I made myself sit there and enjoy it.)
Started reading blogs I usually skim.

So, now my plans are to eat some lunch, do a LITTLE housework, and then take my time working on the tee shirt quilt project I'm doing for a friend.  I have them all cut out and I laid it all out on the floor to see how I wanted to connect them.

I'm headed off to enjoy a leisurely lunch. I'm trying to physically slow myself down, so maybe I can mentally slow down. Life is too short to be hurrying around like there's a whip behind you snapping.  I must slow down and enjoy each moment. And I need to be a more pleasant person to my husband. :P


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sometimes when we slow down - we actually get more done. Enjoy the path.

Tonya said...

Good for you for slowing down!! Stephen only sleeps from 10:30 pm to 7:00 am and then from Noon to 1:30 during the day (which is very little for a child his age) so I am having to shuffle things. I do all computer at night...after I sew a bit. Unless I am just to worn out--which is often.
We just have to shuffle things around sometimes, don't we?

Mariliz said...

I was in the same boat, and I was feeling so anxious all the time. It was horrible.

What helped me was creating a daily To Do List/schedule and I put free time in there. Time to just relax, pray, talk a walk (whatever you wanted). It feels so good to cross things off the list and then get to " Me time" .

Thearica said...

We all do get in ruts so to speak.. It is nice sometimes to take a step back and re-improvise. :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I feel ya! I'm wishing my kids' summer away because I can't get anything done with them all at home. I feel like I am constantly cooking or doing stuff for the kids, etc. There seems to be no down time and when there is, I can't enjoy it. UGH!

That t-shirt quilt is going to be WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see it finished!!!