Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wonders

Brown Eyed Girl
You say tomAYto, I say toMAHto
Backyard Menagerie
Flowering Bedlam
Peek a Boo
Table for Two

I've finished the table. I posted the process on The Seam Rippers. I love how it turned out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Lighter Shade of Pale

Anyone remember that song?

 I changed the curtain in my kitchen window because I no longer need so much of it. The porch roof blocks a lot of the sun glared into my eyes while doing "kitcheny" things.

I've posted pictures on The Seam Rippers. I hope to replace even the newer version with a faux roman shade sooner or later. It's not a priority with all the fun things I'm making for LM and the back porch.


Ok, I copied Tanya and did some Messy Monograms for Little Man and my nephew who is coming to visit this weekend. 

I had to abbreviate Little Man's name because his clothes are just too small to put his whole name on, unless I make is pretty small. I didn't want to make it pretty small, obviously. 

I've also been working on my table for the porch, and will reveal the final product as soon as SR helps me put it back together.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding Time

Lately, I've had so many projects going on in my head and unfinished on the guest bed. I can't seem to find the time to work on them for more than ten minutes at a time. My mother has been back in the hospital with some mysterious illness, Little Man is sickly, and the heat is exhausting even if you don't spend much time in it. 
One thing we did finally accomplish was getting the back porch cleaned and the chairs and table (in its current state) out there.

The list of what I have left to do it a bit frustrating, due to the lack of time and energy.
1. Paint a second coat of light taupe on the braces and posts.
2. Paint a darker coat of taupe on the floor.
3. Figure out what to do with that table top. It's NOT going to work like that. And it's not very attractive right now.
4. Paint the tray I bought for that table top, then decided not to use it, and hang it up to the right of the door.
5. Get some hanging baskets up.
6. Make pillows for the chairs.
7. Figure out some kind of landscaping around the bottom of the porch, that SR and I can both agree upon. I suggested some kind of ground cover, but I don't think he's in love with that option. Another is to get concrete edging and make low beds with mulch. And since the ground is hard as concrete too, it would have to be potted plants set in the mulch. Not the best idea, but better than nothing. 

You see....SR is opposed to gutters. I don't know why, unless it's the thought of having to keep them cleaned out. So, where the rain (which we have seen only one time since the roof went on) runs off the roof, there is a deep gash in the ground. That can't continue folks.

It will all come together eventually and that gives me something to look forward to. In the meantime, I've been eating my breakfast out there in the mornings. Listening to the birds, smelling the last blooms of the mimosa tree.

Looking at the purple blooms of the plants Mr. S gave me last Spring. Still don't know what they are, but they have pretty little blooms.

I don't have the fanciest place on earth, but it's mine and God has given it to me. So, I feel blessed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Favorite Spot


The doctor told me to stop laying on the couch to watch tv, and get myself a recliner. It will support my back and neck and help the pain. So, this is what I got. And I. Love. It.  It fits me perfectly, and that's not easy as short as I am.

I have been going to physical therapy, and because I'm not getting better very quickly, the therapist suggested I lay down with a heating pad and soothing music. And then concentrate on relaxing the muscles. I did as he suggested today in my recliner. And promptly fell asleep. Can't get any more relaxed than that folks.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Short Update About the Weekend

I visited J and K this weekend. I only saw J for a short hour, as he was called away to work. Someone ran into a light pole on the highway, he had to work it, and he didn't get home until about 9:00 Friday evening. At 6:00 a.m. he was called out again as a pole on the mountain in Hector snapped. He was on call, and had to go then as well.

While he was working Saturday, I went to Brinkley with K and her family to shop for a wedding dress. We went to Low's Bridal and it was packed tight with brides to be and dresses. I thought they would be very expensive, but they were not as outrageous as I'd imagined. We all kept comparing it to Kleinfeld's from "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC.

I'd not spent any time with K's family, and I enjoyed myself very much. I felt very comfortable and blessed to be included in the dress shopping experience. After about 15 dresses, K decided on the first one she tried. We ate at a little corner cafe and it was very good. Especially since it was after 1:00 p.m. and we were all starving.

I noticed in Brinkley that there are several little antique and flea markets, and made note that SR and I will have to run up there one day and check them out. That will wait a while though, as I'm a bit tired of traveling. I spent over six hours in a car yesterday either to and from the bridal shop, or on the way home from Russellville. I don't want to take a long drive for a few days...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fun

I was blessed to keep Little Man yesterday for most of the day. Poor little thing didn't sleep well the night before and he made up for it a bit at Nanna's.

He has was it known as torticollis. Following the link will give you lots of information about it. LeLe has posted about it on her blog. We thought something was fishy, and when he saw the pediatrician on Tuesday, the doc explained what was going on. He will need some physical therapy, but it's doable and there is a good facility here in Sheridan.

He is growing so big we can hardly believe it. And he will be seven weeks old next Tuesday.  I made his 2 month shirt and you can see it on The Seam Rippers blog.  Yesterday while LM was asleep, I tried my hand at making a pair of shorts to go with his tie shirt. I had to improvise, since I didn't have a pattern. I took a pair of pants he'd outgrown and used it as a pattern. I won't know if they fit, until this afternoon when I can try them on him. I had to make three pair before I got the size right. (I hope third time was the charm)

It's a bit like trying to make clothes for a Barbie doll. But it didn't take long any of the three times. *wink*

This weekend, I'll be heading up to Russellville to stay the night with J. K, his fiance (I love saying that) has invited me to go with her family as she does a bit of wedding dress shopping. I'm looking forward to it.

So, with that, I'll leave you with another picture of my sleeping angel. Can't get enough of the little munchkin.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost There

The handyman finally came last night and worked until it was too dark to see. All the cover is on and we finally have protection from the rain and sun on the back door. Yippee!!

There is a lot left to do, but the hard part is over. I still have to paint the wood, repaint the floor due to all the boot marks on it, and add some decor. I'm excited about how it will look eventually.

No, it's not the large fancy deck of my dreams. But I've learned to take what I can get, and do the best I can with it. I don't think God ever intended me to have a lot of worldly things, and that's ok. I take pleasure in the blessings He has given me, no matter how small.

I'd love to do some real landscaping around the foundation of the porch, but that will have to come a little at a time. And it may have to be in pots, due to the slope of the yard. I've done it that way before and it's not so bad.

When I get it cleaned up with a little decor, I'll share the before and after shots.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Good News Bad News

Good news: It's Monday morning and I don't have to go to work!
Bad news: I have to take my Mom to the oncologist this afternoon.

Good news: This is Mom's last regular visit with the oncologist since her chemo is DONE!
Bad news: The doctor is not known for her speed and we will be there for a long while.

Good news: I made some cute burp cloths last week for a double baby shower yesterday. They were well received.
Bad news: Another lady made them an awesome wall hanging with the babies's names on them. Can anyone say Envy??

Good news: My physical therapy has started.
Bad news: It wasn't an instant fix. Duh.

Good news: The back porch is almost done.
Bad news: We never know when the handyman will be able to come work, since this is a sideline. He has another full time job, and seven sons....sheesh.

Good news: There are blooms coming up all around my Calla Lily
Bad news: I just thought they were from the Lily. They are actually Hosta blooms....but that's ok too.

Good news: None of the bad news above is really bad.
Bad news: I'm not nearly thankful enough to my Lord for all His blessings!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New post at The Seam Rippers.....

I haven't been very crafty lately. I'm trying very hard to get back into a routine. The routine that was blown to bits by the arrival of Little Man Win. And that's fine! But, I've been spending all my time and money on the little guy and I needed to curb that a bit.

Yesterday I finally managed to put together some things for a baby shower and you can see them here. I've also cut out a pair of shorts that I desperately need to put together. Since I haven't lost any more weight, I need something to wear.

I've started physical therapy on my neck and shoulders. So far, only one session, and exercises to do twice a day at home. Of course it's too soon to feel any relief. I have another session this morning and hope the ultrasound thingy, heat and massage help. The doctor did give me a new pain med that helps some.

I decided to try to rise in the mornings when SR leaves for work at 6:00. Whoo Wee that's hard. I got up two mornings in a row, and got outside before the heat set in, and walked a mile and a half. My ankles didn't like it that early, but it's too hot any other time. This morning I was so very tired, I didn't make it. I stayed in bed another hour. I'm still dragging and I can't decide if it's because I'm just getting old, or the stress I'm putting my body through.

Still, I'm being very vigilant in what I eat, and trying to get some exercise every day again. Next month, when I start keeping Little Win part time, we will see how it goes with the every day thing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Second Post on New Site

Original title huh? I had NO idea how many blogs I actually followed until I started adding them all to the lurking list. And I have to go to every one of them and click on follow again to be able to read them in my dashboard or google reader. This is taking a very long time, but in the end, it will be better. I have to believe that.

I have to believe that.....

I have to believe.....


I'm tired.

First Post on New Site

Thanks for following me to this blog! The whole reason I switched blog addresses, was because of issues I was having with yahoo mail. And blogger won't allow you to change your email address to gmail for some strange reason. You can create a blog with it, just not change one.

So, here is my new blog site. I labored over the title, since I couldn't use B_Lines. If I delete that, I can use it, but then everything disappears so I'll leave it up. I have to tell you folks, I used to be pretty computer savvy. Now unfortunately, not so much. Instead of being excited about learning how to do something new, it just frustrates me. Guess that says I'm getting old.

The layout is not great yet, but I will begin adding the fun stuff now. And let me remind you all that everyone who has a blog, loves comments. So, please do.

Thanks guys.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Change is Hard #2

I can't believe how involved it is to simply change your email address. The mail part is simple enough, but the blog stuff, google reader, etc. is a nightmare. So much so, that I will have to create a whole new blog address if I want to change my google account and email.  So, I'm contemplating that rigamarole.  My only real concern is that all my followers will disappear. It's taken me this long to get the few I have, and I really REALLY don't want them to disappear.  I'll have to pray about it some before I decide to try transferring everything. In the meantime, I will go ahead and create the new blog address, so it will be ready for me when and if I do. Can't hurt to have it ready.

The second change today is not so hard. As a matter of fact, it's really cool.

The handyman finally made some real progress on the deck cover. I've been waiting impatiently for him to get a chance to work on it. I guess that's the hard part about this change.

If nothing happens to prevent it, he will be back tomorrow to work more. I'm so ready for this to be finished!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Change is Hard

I like change. I like variety, but sometimes for me, change is hard. Especially when it involves computer issues. Take email for example. *huge frown here* My yahoo mail is beginning to make me very very angry. It takes forever to load, to move between messages, etc. I've searched for possible fixes and read the FAQs, but no one has a suggestion that helps. I've done everything there is to do and still it doesn't help.

I have a gmail account, and I could begin using that, but changing it would mean contacting everyone I know, going to websites and changing the link, and other time consuming work. I like the computer, but not that much.  I've tried changing my web browser to Firefox, but I have problems with it as well. What to do, what to do....

I've also considered deleting this particular blog, and just using The Seam Rippers. It's confusing and a little frustrating using two different ones. I suppose I could post the same thing on both of them, but that doesn't feel right either.

My personal life has changed for the better lately. Having Little Man Win in our lives is a wondrously marvelous blessing.  It is also tiring. I'm not getting any younger and it does tend to wear on me a little. Not enough that I have to holler calf rope and tell LeLe no when I get a chance to see him! My routine has changed drastically and I've got to get back into a regular pattern. My eating and exercise regime has taken a big hit.

So, while I contemplate all I will have to do to change my email address, here is the latest from our time with Win.

Wondering what is going on....
J and K newly engaged     
J and Pappaw

Great Grandpa Winston (Pappaw)

GrGrMa, LeLe and Nanna with Win

Great Grandmother Winston (Mammaw)

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's My Birthday

I'm one month old today!  Yaaay! We spent yesterday in Hot Springs doing a little shopping. Mom got a couple of things, Nanna did too, but I got four, yes FOUR new outfits. My little body is not fitting the newborn or 0-3 month sizes, so we had to search for some small things we thought would fit. Do you like my monkey suit? My Daddy loves monkeys, so we try to make him happy occasionally.
He's holding me here so you can see the monkey face on my bottom. *snicker* My mom and Nanna thought that was hilarious.  We had a pretty good time, even if it was hot, and we stayed just a smidgen too long for my taste. I was pretty easy to take care of, and didn't fuss much. I like riding in the car and the stroller.  I had a bottle while Mom and Nanna ate at Red Lobster. I'll be happy when I can eat that good stuff. Mom says the books all say not till 6 months can I have solid food, but I'm thinking I'll decide that myself when I'm ready.

See how much I've grown? I'm going to be a big boy before you know it. Nanna says she's gonna put a brick bat on my head to keep me from growing up. (My great great grandma used to say that about her!)
Well, I have lots of celebrating to do, so I'm going to end this post. Thanks for stopping by!