Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Post on New Site

Thanks for following me to this blog! The whole reason I switched blog addresses, was because of issues I was having with yahoo mail. And blogger won't allow you to change your email address to gmail for some strange reason. You can create a blog with it, just not change one.

So, here is my new blog site. I labored over the title, since I couldn't use B_Lines. If I delete that, I can use it, but then everything disappears so I'll leave it up. I have to tell you folks, I used to be pretty computer savvy. Now unfortunately, not so much. Instead of being excited about learning how to do something new, it just frustrates me. Guess that says I'm getting old.

The layout is not great yet, but I will begin adding the fun stuff now. And let me remind you all that everyone who has a blog, loves comments. So, please do.

Thanks guys.


Y said...

I made it over! Have my new shortcut and I'm in business, or you're in business, or I dunno...but, I'm here with ya'!!! :D

Les said...

I LOVE the new title! Too cute!