Friday, June 11, 2010

New post at The Seam Rippers.....

I haven't been very crafty lately. I'm trying very hard to get back into a routine. The routine that was blown to bits by the arrival of Little Man Win. And that's fine! But, I've been spending all my time and money on the little guy and I needed to curb that a bit.

Yesterday I finally managed to put together some things for a baby shower and you can see them here. I've also cut out a pair of shorts that I desperately need to put together. Since I haven't lost any more weight, I need something to wear.

I've started physical therapy on my neck and shoulders. So far, only one session, and exercises to do twice a day at home. Of course it's too soon to feel any relief. I have another session this morning and hope the ultrasound thingy, heat and massage help. The doctor did give me a new pain med that helps some.

I decided to try to rise in the mornings when SR leaves for work at 6:00. Whoo Wee that's hard. I got up two mornings in a row, and got outside before the heat set in, and walked a mile and a half. My ankles didn't like it that early, but it's too hot any other time. This morning I was so very tired, I didn't make it. I stayed in bed another hour. I'm still dragging and I can't decide if it's because I'm just getting old, or the stress I'm putting my body through.

Still, I'm being very vigilant in what I eat, and trying to get some exercise every day again. Next month, when I start keeping Little Win part time, we will see how it goes with the every day thing.


Les said...

I would love to be one of those folks who can wake up early and exericse, but I'm not! Matt can get up early, throw on some clothes, and work out for an hour at the gym. I'm jealous! I love to walk at night, but it's so hot that's miserable. Maybe we can both get into a regular workout routine. :)

Y said...

Hope that physical therapy works out. Sounds like it would feel good!

Routine? Schedule? What's that??? OH! That thing that went out the window seven years ago when I started raising the grandsons! ;D