Monday, January 28, 2008

Excellence in Worship

Yesterday at church, the Holy Spirit hit me right between the eyes. Do I give my best to God? When I worship Him, do I give him what is left or the first fruits? Do I focus on Him during church or am I distracted? Is my quiet time scheduled around my free time, or do I make that a priority and work around that?

AND am I praising God first thing when I get up and last thing before I go to sleep? That's such an easy thing to offer to my Lord. Why did I not think of that?


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Update

SR and I traveled to Russellville to help J move to a duplex from his cramped and crowded apartment. He moved into a two story, two bedroom, 1 and a half bath duplex. At first glance it looked pretty good. But as we went through the list of items to check off for the management, the truth was revealed. We dubbed it "The Roach Motel" and the smell was as if 100 chain smokers held a convention in there. Light fixtures were filthy, and/or broken, no filter in the air unit, and obviously the previous tenants had a cat who left his/her mark in the half bathroom area. The smell was very strong. The toilet in the half bath was leaning to the left, so you have to be very vigilent to keep from slipping off. Fortunately, the sink cabinet is so close that you can't actually fall off. You could probably grow some nice plants around the baseboard of the full bath. It looked as if no one cleaned up after a major party in the gigantic sandbox called the back yard.

The good things were, whoever cleaned before he moved in, did actually clean the baseboards and floors, and new carpet was installed in the living room. After liberally sprinkling carpet fresh in all the rooms, the smokey smell was eleviated a bit. Maybe after a while it will hardly be noticable. (We can hope) There is quite a bit more room in this place than J had in the apartment. He can spread his furniture out and even has plenty of room for a few new pieces should he decide to buy them. He has a nice duplex neighbor who J says has a "hot" girlfriend.

J sweet talked his Momma into coming back next weekend to clean the place really well for him. She'll be taking a couple pairs of rubber gloves, a mask and an arsenal of cleaning supplies. It may take me two days to get the job done.

Finally.... The Weird Things About Me Post

I know you are all waiting with bated breath for my weird things list....

1. When eating, I always eat the least flavorable part before I sink into the gooey or cheesy middle. It makes me eat more than I normally would, because once I get to the good part, I can't stop till it's all gone. When doing some task such as vacuuming, I do all the edges first, then finish up in the middle.

2. Due to nerves, I chew the inside of my mouth and pick at my cuticles and nails. My hands are constantly busy with that, and I believe it is because I inherited it from my maternal grandfather. I never saw him when his hands weren't twitching.

3. I fear driving in unfamiliar places, and in heavy traffic. I can do ok in Little Rock when I stay on a familiar path. Otherwise, I'm sick by the time I get where I'm going and can't enjoy myself for worrying about the trip back.

4. I'm so night blind, that I can't see the highway markings, especially when the roads are wet.

5. I'm terrible with small talk. Very uncomfortable if there is not a specific subject to discuss in a social setting.

6. I refuse to leave the house without at least concealer and mascara. I don't usually allow my photo taken unless I have on lipstick. (It's called vanity)

7. I am so unused to visiting guests, that I don't have a clue what to do or how to act. I can't relax for feeling that I must keep them entertained.

8. My time away from work/at home is so precious to me, that on the weekend, I constantly check the clock to see how much I have left before the weekend is over and the work week begins again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Ok. LeLe tagged me for the Weird Things post. As soon as the fog my brain is in clears, and I can think a coherent thought, I will try to figure out what kind of weird things to write about myself.

It's a full moon and all the weirdos are out in full force. Makes for a very long and exhausting day. But, there's never a dull moment at work during this phase of the moon.... Job security is sometimes a blessing AND a curse....

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Long Week.....Revised

I originally posted a long whiney post about how bad a week it was at work.(Thanks for the sympathy Chelle.)I decided that it was not very Christian of me to rant and rave about people who are sick and just want to see a doctor. It's not their fault we are swamped.

It was a very overwhelming week, but it's over and a new one will begin. I just hope and pray it will be better. OR at least I will be better able to handle it with the right attitude. I think the exhaustion is the hardest thing to deal with. But, with God, all things are possible. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Monday, January 14, 2008


My new mattress is as soft as a cloud. I had to force myself to get up this morning. I know this isn't major news, but since I have been writing about buying a new set, I thought I'd let everyone know how well it turned out.

Friday, January 11, 2008


She says as she wipes the sweat from her brow.... What a week!

Our nurse practitioner was out sick three days this week. You would think it would make it easier on the LPN and I. Not so. We both were bombarded with phone calls, requests for medicine refills, requests for appointments at our main clinic, you name it. We decided that it was so hard, because we expected it to be easier. It was pretty much normal day to day operations, but since we weren't expecting it to be so busy, it hit us pretty hard. Does that make sense? I don't know if I have any sense left right now.

SR's great aunt who fell and broke her hip and pelvis is doing pretty well. As with many women her age, she has not purchased any new clothing in years. When SR and I went to her 'apartment' at her assisted living facility, we couldn't find ANYTHING decent to take her to wear while she was in rehab. We were forced to go to Walmart and purchase some new outfits that would be loose fitting and comfortable, yet look like they weren't 10 years old. She also needed something appropriate to sleep in. I have to admit though, it was fun shopping with someone else's money. ;) We bought her three 'warm up' outfits and I was pretty pleased with what we found. They are things she can wear when she's back home and she will be the trendiest old folk in the place.

I agonized over the purchase of the perfect mattress all week. I took Chelle's private suggestion on advisement and prayed. I prayed A LOT. In the scheme of things, this isn't earth shattering or life threatening, but the Lord does want us to give Him our EVERY need. And you know, this is a lot of money and something I will be stuck with for a very long time. I was afraid I wouldn't hear His voice when the time came and by this morning I was a basket case. SR didn't help, as he started giving me suggestions as to what to make sure of, what to ask, yadda yadda yadda. I finally had to tell him he was making me worse and so with a silly grin he shut up. I narrowed it down to two as of yesterday. One saleslady even called me yesterday to advise me they were cutting the 'sale price' even more just for me. Uh huh. I believe that. Anyway, I decided with God's help to go and lay down on both of them again, and then make my decision since now they were both the same price. I think I knew which one it would be from the beginning but was afraid to commit. After that little exercise, God showed me which one to get. I'm SO relieved. It will be in stock tomorrow and by tomorrow night I will be sleeping on my brand new plush, cushy, soft bed. I can hardly wait! Thank you so much Jesus, for speaking to my heart and mind and showing me which one to buy.

Now, what do I do with all the "STUFF" under my bed now? It's gotta go somewhere cause the new bed will be lower than the old bed. There is a very nice hiding place under my bed now..... what to do what to do... here I go again.....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Slideshow

I've been thinking about doing this for a while. Sooz's slide show gave me the courage to go ahead....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Very Long Day

I have to share how my day went. I'm worn completely out, but since I really have no one to tell and get it out so I can sleep, you all are elected to hear/read it.

I took a sick day from work, to go with SR to the Oral Surgeon in Hot Springs. His appointment was at 10:00 a.m. and he was going to have some teeth pulled and the bone smoothed. He needed to be driven home. At 6:11 a.m., the phone rang beside my bed and it was the assisted living facility calling about his great aunt. She had fallen a short time before and they were sending her to Malvern to the ER just to get her checked out. Rush Rush Rush to get my shower and get us out the door. We were going to the hospital, and afterwards on to Hot Springs. X-Rays showed her pelvis and hip to be cracked and there is no orthopedic physician in Malvern, so she was taken to Saline Memorial in Benton. My in-laws were there by that time and they went with the Ambulance to Benton while we went on to Hot Springs.

At 9:45 we arrived and found not one but TWO waiting rooms full of patients waiting to see ONE doctor. At 11:00 there were still countless patients who arrived ahead of us still waiting as were we. So, we cancelled the appointment and headed out to Benton. When we got to the ER, we found that great aunt's pelvis is indeed cracked, and the ball in her hip joint had been broken "off" as the doctor put it. She required a partial hip replacement. She is 92, but in fairly good shape for her age. She's pretty tough, but I could see the fear in her face every time the doctors and nurses explained what was about to happen. The orthopedic surgeon told us that 10 to 15% of elderly patients die within a year of this type of procedure, but that her mental health being so good would make a big difference in that. Not to mention that her bones were really strong for a woman of her age.

It is now 8:00, she is out of recovery, and groggy, but not in too much pain for the time being. They plan to get her out of bed and walking by tomorrow morning, then after two or three days, she will begin rehab. Please be in prayer for her. And for SR and his Dad who are her only family.

While we were dealing with great aunt, J called to tell me he was in the process of replacing 16 power poles that were blown down in the tornado that ripped through Hector this a.m. He told of one confirmed death and the search for others. His crew was filmed by all three news teams, but when we watched from the surgical waiting room, we didn't see him. (Shucks)

Man! What a day!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

About Nothing In Particular

I really don't have anything enlightening to say. But, I didn't want to leave the blog empty for so many days. So, I'll try to come up with something read-worthy.

This week at work has been very busy. It almost never pays to have a holiday, because we have to see the same amount of patients in less days. So many people are sick this time of year. I wound up having to go in early, and work late a couple of times to keep up with the paperwork and business aspect of my duties. I'm not against working extra hours as a rule. I can always use the extra money. But since we aren't open a full 40 hours a week, I never get enough extra hours to make it to overtime. And when we are so very busy during the day, by the time I've worked the extra hours, I'm totally exhausted and not a very fun person to be around.

Yesterday I went price shopping for a new mattress and box springs. They are WAAAAY overpriced. After going to four different furniture stores I found what I want, but was not prepared to pay what they were asking. And the fact that they were "on sale" is a joke. I would dearly love to have a tempurpedic mattress, but unless I inherit a small fortune, that ain't happenin'. I'll look a little more, maybe save another hundred $'s or so and then go at it again. The set I sleep on now is so firm, my back bothers me often. Especially if I try to sleep in.

I also did a little shoe shopping. I've never been one to spend much for shoes. Not that I'm cheap, but I just don't see why you have to spend a fortune for a pair of shoes. It doesn't make sense. But, I had Christmas money, and I was determined to buy exactly what I wanted regardless (well, almost regardless) of the price. I did find a pair of shoes I'd been wanting for a long time and I did purchase them without even really looking at the price. I've never spent that much on a pair of shoes or boots in my life, but you know, it really felt kinda good. They feel like they were made for me, and I was able to wear them right away and not have to 'break them in', which was a real pleasure. You get what you pay for, obviously.

The weather has been colder than normal, but we all know if you live in just wait a couple of days and it changes. Temperature extremes are commonplace here. We never expect it to last.

So, there are my ramblings that aren't really noteworthy, but something to read.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Non-Resolutions...Stolen from LeLe

I have never been one to make New Year's Resolutions. I've always been of the opinion that if you are going to do something, you don't have to make it "official" just because it's the new year. I resolve to do things differently all year long. If I don't follow through, well, I'm in the majority, eh?

I would like some things to be different this year.

1.) I would like a raise. I've been asking for one, and the office manager has tried to get it in the works, but so far it's not happening.

2.) I would like to feel better. I'm sure that means I have to do some things differently in my life. But some of the problems I have are not the fault of my lifestyle.

3.) I would like to be more intense in my Bible study and more dedicated to His work. I have been trying to do this for several months, so it's not a new thing for 2008. With that, I would like to be more sure of what I'm supposed to be doing for Him. What should I let go of, what should I be more aggressive about...?

4.) I would like to be less judgemental of others. Not only is it a sin, but how do I know what their lives are like unless I've walked in their shoes?

There are countless things I should change in my life. I'm sure the Holy Spirit will reveal them to me as needed. I just hope that I can listen and follow through all year long. Being a Christian is not a bed of roses. There are many stumbling blocks, many temptations, many selfish motives to get in the way. The world as a whole is so un-Christian, that it's very easy to follow the wide road and not the narrow way. So, I suppose you could say that my one and only real resolution is to TRY HARDER.