Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Very Long Day

I have to share how my day went. I'm worn completely out, but since I really have no one to tell and get it out so I can sleep, you all are elected to hear/read it.

I took a sick day from work, to go with SR to the Oral Surgeon in Hot Springs. His appointment was at 10:00 a.m. and he was going to have some teeth pulled and the bone smoothed. He needed to be driven home. At 6:11 a.m., the phone rang beside my bed and it was the assisted living facility calling about his great aunt. She had fallen a short time before and they were sending her to Malvern to the ER just to get her checked out. Rush Rush Rush to get my shower and get us out the door. We were going to the hospital, and afterwards on to Hot Springs. X-Rays showed her pelvis and hip to be cracked and there is no orthopedic physician in Malvern, so she was taken to Saline Memorial in Benton. My in-laws were there by that time and they went with the Ambulance to Benton while we went on to Hot Springs.

At 9:45 we arrived and found not one but TWO waiting rooms full of patients waiting to see ONE doctor. At 11:00 there were still countless patients who arrived ahead of us still waiting as were we. So, we cancelled the appointment and headed out to Benton. When we got to the ER, we found that great aunt's pelvis is indeed cracked, and the ball in her hip joint had been broken "off" as the doctor put it. She required a partial hip replacement. She is 92, but in fairly good shape for her age. She's pretty tough, but I could see the fear in her face every time the doctors and nurses explained what was about to happen. The orthopedic surgeon told us that 10 to 15% of elderly patients die within a year of this type of procedure, but that her mental health being so good would make a big difference in that. Not to mention that her bones were really strong for a woman of her age.

It is now 8:00, she is out of recovery, and groggy, but not in too much pain for the time being. They plan to get her out of bed and walking by tomorrow morning, then after two or three days, she will begin rehab. Please be in prayer for her. And for SR and his Dad who are her only family.

While we were dealing with great aunt, J called to tell me he was in the process of replacing 16 power poles that were blown down in the tornado that ripped through Hector this a.m. He told of one confirmed death and the search for others. His crew was filmed by all three news teams, but when we watched from the surgical waiting room, we didn't see him. (Shucks)

Man! What a day!


LeLe said...

I still say she's gonna outlive us all, even with the surgery. She's so ornery, she ain't gonna let the Grim Reaper take her! :)

Sooz said...

Sorry you had such a day. I would have been so frustrated to drive all the way to Hot Springs to find waiting rooms full. Praying for SR's great aunt. They say that the hip replacement isn't too bad on them and from the sound of it she seems very strong for her age. Praying for you rest and peace. Hope there is no more storms!

LC said...

You really did have a crazy day! I hate going to the doctors office for a 10:00 appointment and not getting in until 12:00. In my opinion, if your appointment is at 10, get me in at 10. I am not a very patient person, I would have left too!!

lele, I love your comment. Les and I say the same thing about Nona. She is always complaining about something or another and I swear to you she will out live us all! Too funny!