Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun

Just give a boy a box and a roll of tape. Forget all the expensive toys.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


The seasons are beginning to change. I can feel the cool breeze through my window as I type. I love the newness of the seasons. Every one has its own wonderful attribute. I admit, I get tired and wish for it to change again before its ready. Human nature I suppose.

When I got older, and was able to quit work, I had so many plans for "MY" time. That was a big change in my life, and I wanted to do all the things I'd always wished. For a while, I was so tired and ill, that I didn't do much of anything but lay on the couch and read. Oh, I did a bit of housework and cooking, but for the most part, I just rested. It was nice to a point.

That changed after I began to feel better, and I realized I had the time to do all the sewing and crafting I'd always wanted to do, but couldn't while working. I jumped in with all four feet and immersed myself in fabric and thread, hot glue and paint.

That changed a bit when LMW came along. There's no sewing or painting while he's here, and that's ok. He's more important than any sewing or painting project. I still managed to be pretty content with it all.

But I changed. I became consumed with the sewing, and with blogging and facebook....So much so, until even though I love the boy, and want to be with him every day, I started feeling a bit fretful. My ME time was going away and all the projects I wanted to do were taking way too long.

He wasn't the only reason I became fretful. I knew God wanted me to stop and take time with Him. A new online Bible study, new blog friends that I care about and want to talk to daily. That cuts into sewing time too.

The last couple of weeks I've been very frustrated with it all. I can't find the time to accomplish much of anything. I have so many little things waiting for me, the house is dirty, I'm not exercising, I am rushing through my Bible reading and prayer time....well... the prayer time has really taken a hit, in all honesty. I'm not good with fifteen or twenty minutes of ME time. I need at least an hour or I don't feel that I've accomplished enough and I get aggravated. The list thing didn't help either. Bah Humbug. Something must change!!!

Today, I will stop and be still. I will talk to my Lord and ask Him to help me reorganize my life. I will ask him what I need to let go of, what projects to keep with and what to forget about. I will not plan another project until I finish two or three that are in the works. And that may not be until after Christmas. And I will pray very hard for the mindset of doing this, and the emotional strength to stick with it. I'm a little disappointed that my way didn't work out. God's way Will. Always. Work. He's going to help me change. (If I will just give over and let Him.)
Maybe, just maybe I can get things together, stop fussing and fretting, and accomplish more than I ever thought about. But first I have to change.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

Yesterday, I reached the ripe old age of 53. How in the world did I get here?? Just last week I was 12, wearing knee high socks and mini skirts, reading Teen Beat Magazine and sighing over Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.  Where has the time gone??

I had a wonderful birthday. All my family contacted me, or sent me a card. It's nice to be remembered. Mr. BLines took me on a day trip around Arkansas. We went to DeQueen to visit the Sevier County Historical Museum, and on the way stopped at Lake Greeson.

That area hadn't seen much rain this summer and the lake was very low, as you can tell in this photo.

Still, it was a nice little lake and it made me want to go camping. I pictured sitting by the water with some hand work. I would be listening to the water lap onto the shore and would be feeling a nice breeze moving through camp. If it was warm enough, I'd splash around in the water a bit, then take a little nap on a hammock. Oh my, what an experience that would be!

SR doesn't like his photo taken, but since it was my birthday, my every wish was his command.

He took mine too, but as you can tell by my squinty eyes, the sun was a problem. At least it was in focus...he sometimes has a little trouble taking pictures. *grin*

As we wound our way through the hills, we spotted a little flea market/collectibles place and I felt in my bones there was something in that building I was going to buy.  Sure enough, the first booth we looked in, there they were!!

I've been looking for lamps to place on my dresser for months. These are a bit old fashioned, but I decided I can't try to have a house worthy of a decorating magazine spread. It has to be "me." And at $5.00 each, these spoke to me, so we came home with them. They resemble some milk glass lamps my grandmother had in her bedroom and that's a pleasant memory. I hope I can find shades to work with them.

We drove into Hot Springs and did a little light shopping and then ate at Applebee's. By the time we finished supper, we were both ready to head home. It was a wonderful day and I was blessed to spend it with my husband, who by the way, took off work to spend it with me. What a man!

I don't know how I got here, but I'm glad I did! I know my next life will be paradise, but this one isn't so bad all things considered.  I'm very blessed!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wishes Coming True

I've been wishing for a long time for a new sewing machine. And I knew that wishing was pretty much all I could do. One day I told my husband about the lovely sewing machines in Walmart. I told him about what kind they had, what they could do, and how much they were. Don't ask me why, because he usually just nods his head and forgets. I've even been wishing I could win a new fancy one from the Wantobe Quilters Campaign. And so far, wishing is all I've accomplished.

Last night, while I was sewing, my machine did its normal screeching sound. The one where you think it's about to explode or at the very least blow a part off. (It actually has blown off the thread spool twice.) And the husband heard it. He decided it was time. Holy Smokes!

Today, while I was at Sunday School/Bible Study, before he arrived at church, he ran to Walmart and he purchased the one machine I really wanted. Well, the one machine I wanted that was possibly in our budget. He listened to me and remembered. I was dumbfounded. Not that he listened, but that that he actually surprised me with it!!!

No, it's not one of the really special machines, whatever their names are. And I don't care. It has more buttons than I've ever seen on a machine, and more stitches than I'll ever use. It will monogram a bit too.

See that little decal on the top left? Quilting accessories included??? Be still my heart! A walking foot, and free motion quilting foot were in the box with it. Oh mercy.

Early birthday gift, he said. I needed it, he said.

Isn't she loverly? I've learned how to thread her, fill the bobbin, and do a bit of stitching. I even stitched a "B" with her. I wonder how long until I remember what button to push for that?? LOL! I hope I learn quick, because I don't have time to dilly dally.

I just had to share my wish coming true. 

Sunning on Sunday

A sure sign of Fall, is a big ole Grand Daddy Long Legs sunning himself on a yellow Mum.

He's taking a day of rest....I should too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I owe you an apology. I asked for prayers for my SIL, but failed to let you know how he was doing.

He is home now. They believe he developed an infection in his leg. Some swelling is normal, but not to the extent he was swollen.  Due to IV antibiotics and fluids, he ran into a bit of enemia and then needed some blood. He had a spot of pneumonia on his x-ray, but nothing serious.

He's tired, as you would expect, but home and doing well. Thank you so, so much for your prayers and concern! We serve a mighty God!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well dear readers, this weekend didn't go as planned. At a little before 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, my daughter called to say her husband was pretty ill, and needed to go back to the hospital. The home health nurse was concerned enough to suggest they go to the ER, so I picked up LMW and have had him ever since. There was no sewing in my life this weekend, but that's ok. It will wait.

At this point, I really don't know exactly what has been going on with my SIL. They at first said infection, which is probable, then said possible pneumonia, enemia, then possible blood clot...who knows? On a holiday weekend like this, it's hard to catch up to a doctor and get a straight answer. And due to a snafu, my daughter didn't even know he was out of ICU and into a regular room while she sat in the ICU waiting room for Two. Hours. So, she missed seeing the doctor, who told SIL some things, but SIL was not in the state of mind to remember much of it, if anything. In any case, he was given a couple of units of blood and some antibiotics, so we'll see how that perks him up.

The boy child has done pretty well all things considered. He hasn't whined for his Mama, has been eating well, and taking good naps. Getting him to sleep at night has been a party though. At home he has a set routine, but at Nanna's all bets are off. It's been taking me and Grandpa at least an hour to get him to sleep solidly. He tries to go to sleep, but his little legs continue to kick and buck even when his little eyes are closed.

I hope to get him up to see his Mama and Daddy sometime tomorrow (Monday), if all goes as planned. And we hope to know what in the world is happening to his Daddy. Please continue to remember us in your prayers. Most especially the SIL and my daughter, who is so very tired and torn between being 45 minutes away from her son, or 45 minutes away from her husband, both of whom need her.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Week that Was

My son-in-law had hip replacement surgery last Tuesday and it went very well. Thank you for all your prayers!! He is recuperating at home, and home health is coming to the house for now to help with physical therapy.

I've had LMW a bit more than usual and he spent one night at Nanna's house. He knew something was fishy, but of course had no idea what was going on. Considering he was off his schedule and out of his element, he did wonderfully well.

My son, who works for the power company in a different town, was dispatched to the east coast to help restore power from Hurricane Irene. The plans were to be working in Maryland, but he wound up in New Jersey. He is en route back to Arkansas, but may be rerouted to Louisiana due to Tropical Storm Lee. I hope it doesn't do as much damage as predicted, and my boy can go home to his lovely wife who misses him very much.  Not to mention his Mom and Dad who would really like to see him!

I was able to finish a couple of crafty things you can check out on my Seam Rippers blog. I almost went on hiatus there, because I sometimes just get tired of maintaining two blogs, but decided against that and will continue with both. For now anyway. *grin*

My family and I have nothing planned for the Labor Day holiday, so I'm hoping to jump on one of the UFOs in my sewing room. I hope you all have a great three day weekend!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ahhh, September! You have arrived. You are one of my favorite months of the year.
The evenings and mornings begin to cool down enough to enjoy being outside.
The smell of fall begins to permeate the air, and we know it is coming on the wind.

Mums and other beauties begin their show of color.

People spend Friday nights and Saturdays in the football bleachers of their favorite teams.

You are the month of my birth.

Yes September, I love you.