Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wishes Coming True

I've been wishing for a long time for a new sewing machine. And I knew that wishing was pretty much all I could do. One day I told my husband about the lovely sewing machines in Walmart. I told him about what kind they had, what they could do, and how much they were. Don't ask me why, because he usually just nods his head and forgets. I've even been wishing I could win a new fancy one from the Wantobe Quilters Campaign. And so far, wishing is all I've accomplished.

Last night, while I was sewing, my machine did its normal screeching sound. The one where you think it's about to explode or at the very least blow a part off. (It actually has blown off the thread spool twice.) And the husband heard it. He decided it was time. Holy Smokes!

Today, while I was at Sunday School/Bible Study, before he arrived at church, he ran to Walmart and he purchased the one machine I really wanted. Well, the one machine I wanted that was possibly in our budget. He listened to me and remembered. I was dumbfounded. Not that he listened, but that that he actually surprised me with it!!!

No, it's not one of the really special machines, whatever their names are. And I don't care. It has more buttons than I've ever seen on a machine, and more stitches than I'll ever use. It will monogram a bit too.

See that little decal on the top left? Quilting accessories included??? Be still my heart! A walking foot, and free motion quilting foot were in the box with it. Oh mercy.

Early birthday gift, he said. I needed it, he said.

Isn't she loverly? I've learned how to thread her, fill the bobbin, and do a bit of stitching. I even stitched a "B" with her. I wonder how long until I remember what button to push for that?? LOL! I hope I learn quick, because I don't have time to dilly dally.

I just had to share my wish coming true. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I know some people knock WalMart machines - but this is a Brother machine. I have one and my daughter has one - yes this same model. We have used all the stitches and special functions and all the special attachments. It does have a small throat, but I have muscled full size quilts on this with the FMQ foot. Just one thing - be sure when you get extra bobbins you get the size for the machine. My daughter had problems and we discovered she had gotten the wrong bobbins so not feeding properly (manual will give you the size). Have fun and enjoy.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

That is a great machine! And I like Brothers. My sister has two Brother machines from Walmart. She loves them too.

Yay for husband surprising you!!

Y said...

OH, MY Goodness!!! 'Husband' is AMAZING! Have a blast with the new machine! :D

Mariliz said...

What a great surprise. Enjoy it!