Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Weekend

Last weekend was one of unusual pleasantness. Mr. BLines and I met with some Christian friends who are becoming very dear to me, if they weren't already. The six of us eat, fellowship, and share our memories of the past, as well as share our lives now. The men reminisce about playing football together in school, and we women talk about all the things we women are interested in, as well as our churches and faith issues. We get together every couple or three months and it's always interesting, warm and fun.

Then, he and I took a day trip to an area close to Hot Springs. We hunted for crystals in the Ouachita National Forest. Talk about a workout! Walking up those steep inclines, climbing down into the gulleys, carrying rocks in your pocket can sure work your muscles. We didn't come across any earth shattering finds, but we did enjoy it, and came home with some small little gems.

These were the smallest ones, and the most beautiful of what we found.  The only issue was that a lot of them have absorbed the red color of the gravel used on the roads. I scrubbed and bleached them, and it helped a great deal.

These were a bit larger and still very pretty. Most of the larger ones we found, were just thin layers on top of rock. And tthose, I used to enlarge my flower bed.

The poor thing needs some serious TLC, but it won't be long before the flowers will be blooming, the mulch will be fresh, and new plants will be planted. I can't wait!

God was good to us this weekend. We very much enjoyed His blessings and His handiwork.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out Sssside!

Yesterday was like an early summer day instead of February. We were out in short sleeves and it was glorious.
My sad little flower bed was perked up a bit by a few clumps of Jonquils in bloom. That crystal is one SR picked up years ago. We plan to do some crystal hunting in a few days. I'm excited about it!

LMW enjoyed playing outside. Like all boys, he loves the outdoors and yells to out "sssside". He also loves playing in the back of Da's truck.

Mmmmm, dat mells gud.

Duz dis gumbawl mell gud too?

Hay! Iz anybodee in dere?

Hmmm, what dis for?

I loves to pay in Da's tuck.

What a great time we all had. Even though the bugs will be hard to deal with this summer, we are thankful for the blessing of mild winter days. I don't think the groundhog was thinking clearly when he saw his shadow...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The meteorologists keep telling those of us in the south central part of the country, that a mild winter was predicted. And so far it has been. But as always in Arkansas, the temps and weather patterns change within a 24 hour period. It can really wreak havoc with your allergies and attitude.  Monday we had snow and sleet in the state.

The predictions are that the temps in the next few days will be in the 60s. I've been "holed up" in the house for so long, I am having trouble getting out when the weather is nice.

Some of my jonquils began blooming, but the cold snap really did a number on them, so I haven't taken any photos.  I'm hoping the ones that haven't opened up yet, will do so in the warmer days ahead and I can get a nice shot of some of them.  I planted some iris plants three weeks ago, but they look rather sad right now. I should have done it in November, but just couldn't get to it. They came from my Mom's yard and I couldn't get to Rison to dig them up. I know next year they will be wonderful though. That's sure something to look forward to.

So, while we wait for spring proper, I'll have to be content to looking at the drooping jonquils and dreary skies. To every thing there is a season, and a purpose under heaven....

All photos courtesy of bing.com

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine's Day

Since it's the day of hearts, I decided to share the little quilt top I have ready to quilt. It's full of hearts as you can tell...
I realized I should have either made the sashing wider or made three more of the blocks, but I think this works well enough. It's a sweet little quilt and I'm ready to get to the quilting part. I'll post on The Seam Rippers when I get it quilted.
Hearts and flowers...several different applique stitches. I experimented and didn't try to make them all alike. That was something my friend Y suggested. Thanks girl. It freed me up a bit.

This is a photo of the bird feeders in my backyard yesterday. If you look carefully, you can see it was snowing and sleeting and they were going crazy for the seeds. It was fun to watch.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope your day is blessed with love.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun With Cupcakes

Here is my second attempt to create some cool cupcakes. They were for an anniversary party honoring LeLe's in-laws. Congratulations to them, by the way, for 40 years of wedded bliss....

The blue ones represented the ocean with coconut waves and big red fishes. They were pina colada flavored with Swedish Fish candy. They tasted pretty good, but were a bit crumbly, due to the fact that I didn't pay attention and put too much cream of coconut in them.

The brown ones represented the beach with little flip flops. They were butter pecan and tasted great! Graham crackers and brown sugar were the sand, and I cut out (with scissors) the flip flops from fruit roll ups. Took a while I can tell you that!  I piped the straps with just a dab of icing. We were supposed to add little umbrellas, but didn't find any in town. Bummer.

Why the beach theme? Because the mother-in-law is even crazier about the beach than I am and is wacky for flip flops. She's a fun gal. I really wanted to try to make some fondant starfish or sea horses, but didn't get time. Maybe next go around...

I learned to pay much closer attention to the recipe, use my metal muffin pan and not the silicone one, and plan ahead better. I also decided I need to invest in some flavorings because I could barely taste the coconut and pineapple in the blue cupcakes. Everything is a learning experience but maybe the guests enjoyed them and I was able to help LeLe out.  If any of you out there are cupcake chefs extraordinaire, I could really use some pointers. Thanx.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would You Like Some Cheese???

Whiners. Don't they aggravate you? They do me... but wait! I AM a whiner. Yep, gonna break down and admit it. I whine about anything and everything going on in my life. I'm never satisfied. 

Whether it's how I feel, our financial status, what I can or can't do at any given time...You name it, I whine about it. To myself, my husband, my children, my email friends. It's a wonder they don't all stop listening to anything I have to say.  So, I've been trying to come up with a new Whiner label to remind myself to just Stop the Madness!!...

Whiner, Whiner pants on fire.  (Nope, already taken.)
Whiner, Whiner swimming pool liner. (Uh, no.)
Whiner, Whiner needs cheese at the diner. (Eck. That's more whining!!)
Whiner, Whiner, wants a Shiner! (I think we have a winner!!!)

I hope you all have a great, Whine Free Day. If you need some cheese, let me know because I have plenty.

All graphics from bing.com

Why, Thank You Very Much!

My sweet friend Tanya at Frou Frou Britches awarded me yesterday.

It's the Versatile Blogger Award.  Versatile...as in eclectic, wacky, random... Well, I guess I am all that. Ha!
Thank you Tanya for choosing me as one of your 15 recipients. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness!