Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Weekend

Last weekend was one of unusual pleasantness. Mr. BLines and I met with some Christian friends who are becoming very dear to me, if they weren't already. The six of us eat, fellowship, and share our memories of the past, as well as share our lives now. The men reminisce about playing football together in school, and we women talk about all the things we women are interested in, as well as our churches and faith issues. We get together every couple or three months and it's always interesting, warm and fun.

Then, he and I took a day trip to an area close to Hot Springs. We hunted for crystals in the Ouachita National Forest. Talk about a workout! Walking up those steep inclines, climbing down into the gulleys, carrying rocks in your pocket can sure work your muscles. We didn't come across any earth shattering finds, but we did enjoy it, and came home with some small little gems.

These were the smallest ones, and the most beautiful of what we found.  The only issue was that a lot of them have absorbed the red color of the gravel used on the roads. I scrubbed and bleached them, and it helped a great deal.

These were a bit larger and still very pretty. Most of the larger ones we found, were just thin layers on top of rock. And tthose, I used to enlarge my flower bed.

The poor thing needs some serious TLC, but it won't be long before the flowers will be blooming, the mulch will be fresh, and new plants will be planted. I can't wait!

God was good to us this weekend. We very much enjoyed His blessings and His handiwork.


Hillbilly Tonya said...

You had a lovely weekend it sounds like! What a blessing! Are you getting any of these storms that we got?

Connie said...

Now that sounds like a fun time! I love hiking and wish we had crystals to find around here. Another couple months and we'll be in the woods looking for mushrooms!