Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would You Like Some Cheese???

Whiners. Don't they aggravate you? They do me... but wait! I AM a whiner. Yep, gonna break down and admit it. I whine about anything and everything going on in my life. I'm never satisfied. 

Whether it's how I feel, our financial status, what I can or can't do at any given time...You name it, I whine about it. To myself, my husband, my children, my email friends. It's a wonder they don't all stop listening to anything I have to say.  So, I've been trying to come up with a new Whiner label to remind myself to just Stop the Madness!!...

Whiner, Whiner pants on fire.  (Nope, already taken.)
Whiner, Whiner swimming pool liner. (Uh, no.)
Whiner, Whiner needs cheese at the diner. (Eck. That's more whining!!)
Whiner, Whiner, wants a Shiner! (I think we have a winner!!!)

I hope you all have a great, Whine Free Day. If you need some cheese, let me know because I have plenty.

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Under Her Wings said...

Dear Whiner,

Thanks for the delicious cheesy post! I wish I could say that you are the only one, but unfortunately (even though I published this morning's post) I can still whine a bit myself. Good post!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Hmmm, I think we all whine. Sometimes I catch myself and then I completely change my voice into a purposeful whine and make a joke of it because I know I need to stop!