Friday, October 26, 2012

Storm of the Century

The news people are telling us that Hurricane Sandy will be the storm of the century. I sure hope they are wrong about that!! I have a friend in New York and she has had some bad bad weather in the last few years. Knowing her though, I can rest assure she will be prepared and will persevere.

Life is routine these days. Sewing a little, doing housework, and trying to keep up with LMW.
I let him play in my car last week...he LOVES to pretend he's driving but he also loves to turn every single thing in the car on. I didn't check that before we went inside and I didn't leave the house the next day. He and I climbed in the car to go to Walmart the following day guess it, the battery was gone. Dead as a doornail as they say.

Luckily, my son J was headed down to the deer camp, and he stopped by to jump me off. From now on, there won't be any playing in "Nanna's White Tar" for LMW. Poor baby.

He is now uninterested in any "school" type fun, I guess he got bored with it. He is one of those children who need to be physical and entertained in that way. Sure wears a Nanna out.
Today the weather is going to be cold and wet and I must come up with something to keep him happy. If LMW ain't happy, no body's happy.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Frustration, Elation, Anticipation and Progress

I have a new computer. Well, a new to me gift from my cousin in California who is a computer guy. It is his three year old system and it is better than my old one that was about to pass into computer heaven. For the last several years, he has gifted me with his old systems when he upgrades. It's a blessing for sure. And even though I'm so very thankful, it can be very frustrating to switch everything over from one to the other and get it all going.

It took me two weeks to get it all in sync with my internet connection, my kindle and get my files transferred. And I have to admit I did say a very bad word once.  But I think I have it all under control now and working like it's supposed to. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

I won a book giveaway from SewCalGal!! I was elated. It's called Urban County Quilts by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks.
I can't wait to try one of the projects inside. Maybe this one first....
It's always nice to win something. I have been winning books mostly in the past year, but would be happy as a clam to win some fabric. Speaking of which, I'm anticipating the arrival of these beauties.


They are Jason Yenter fabrics and I won't receive them until after the first of the year. I ordered them from my good friend Tonya who has a fabric page on facebook. Click here to check her out. It's a prepay order but at least I know eventually I will get them. The first five I plan to make into a quilt of some kind, the last two I plan to make myself an awesome new purse. I can barely wait!!!

I'm progressing with my postage stamp quilt to the point of having three strips ready to connect. I quilted the strips separately thinking it would make it easier since there are so many little blocks.
I pieced them all by hand, and they are not perfectly square anywhere you look, but that's the fun of hand piecing. I can hardly wait to finish it so I can place it on the twin bed in my sewing room.
When I do finish, I will post it on The Seam Rippers blog.

So that's what I've been up to in the last week or so. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally Fall

No pictures for this post as it's a quick one.

Fall has finally arrived in Arkansas. The temps went from 85 on Friday to 45 today. (Saturday) What a wonderful change!

I've been doing fall cleaning, and rearranging of furniture. I can tell you my body feels it too. *grin*

I've been working on trying to finish up unfinished sewing projects, and throwing in a few new ones that are quick finishes.

Planning a yard sale on the first Saturday of November.

In the next couple of days I'll be trying to get files moved over from one computer to another. This one is about to blow a gasket and my cousin sent me his three year old computer that is top of the line. He's so good to me.

The poor Arkansas Razorbacks finally won a game! Woo Pig Soooiee!

Deer season is closing in and the husband is counting down the days.

LMW is feeling his oats lately and a real handful, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have a new quilting buddy. She is an old friend who just started quilting and she is so excited it's contagious. If I wasn't already obsessed with it, I would be now! Yay Janice!!

My friends the Holderfields are getting along pretty well. D went back to work this week, while S is still confined to a bed. His sister is staying with him in the daytime. His hip is not healing properly and he will need more surgery. Very disheartening for him and them all, so if you think about it, please send up a little prayer for them.

That's all for now folks.