Monday, June 7, 2010

Change is Hard

I like change. I like variety, but sometimes for me, change is hard. Especially when it involves computer issues. Take email for example. *huge frown here* My yahoo mail is beginning to make me very very angry. It takes forever to load, to move between messages, etc. I've searched for possible fixes and read the FAQs, but no one has a suggestion that helps. I've done everything there is to do and still it doesn't help.

I have a gmail account, and I could begin using that, but changing it would mean contacting everyone I know, going to websites and changing the link, and other time consuming work. I like the computer, but not that much.  I've tried changing my web browser to Firefox, but I have problems with it as well. What to do, what to do....

I've also considered deleting this particular blog, and just using The Seam Rippers. It's confusing and a little frustrating using two different ones. I suppose I could post the same thing on both of them, but that doesn't feel right either.

My personal life has changed for the better lately. Having Little Man Win in our lives is a wondrously marvelous blessing.  It is also tiring. I'm not getting any younger and it does tend to wear on me a little. Not enough that I have to holler calf rope and tell LeLe no when I get a chance to see him! My routine has changed drastically and I've got to get back into a regular pattern. My eating and exercise regime has taken a big hit.

So, while I contemplate all I will have to do to change my email address, here is the latest from our time with Win.

Wondering what is going on....
J and K newly engaged     
J and Pappaw

Great Grandpa Winston (Pappaw)

GrGrMa, LeLe and Nanna with Win

Great Grandmother Winston (Mammaw)

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