Friday, July 6, 2007


I first wrote this and posted it on my Myspace page blog. I decided I would go ahead and post it here as well so those who don't do the myspace thing could read it.

8 Random Things about me....

Ok, so three of the people I most check out on their blog have done the "8 Random Things" about themselves. I have not created a blog, simply because I didn't really think anyone would be interested enough to read. And I don't know that my life is any way close to being interesting enough to even have something to write. I mean, who wants to read...."Came home from work exhausted. Ate a little supper, read a little book, went to bed."??

So, since the 8 random things is so interesting to me, I decided I would try. It may take a while for me to come up with 8 things worth writing about but here goes...

1. I have a phobia. Actually, I have two. Uh....make that three. First one is most terrifying. Heights. Not only am I afraid of tall mountains or tall tall bridges, but I can't even climb a ladder to access our attic in the garage. Second phobia is the fear of confrontation. I don't seem to be able to defend myself against an attack unless I'm pushed so far, I explode. And then I cry because I actually fought back. Third (and this is the most embarrassing) Driving to a place I've never been, am unfamiliar with, or in heavy downtown Little Rock traffic. Even simple trips to someone's house if I've never been there. Why the fear? I can't explain it. Maybe the fear of making a wrong turn, getting lost, causing someone else driving close to me to be inconvenienced or some such craziness.

2. I am probably more involved in my grown children's day to day life and that of their friends, than the norm. I have no close friends my own age, and I guess I compensate by inserting myself into their daily life whether they like it or not. I read their blogs every day, I check out their Myspace pages every day, and I comment on conversations they are having with each other. I would imagine they roll their eyes at my postings from time to time.

3. I love to paint. Anyone who knows me knows that. And not just painting a picture. I love to paint walls. Solid color walls, faux finish walls, murals... I often wish I had been able to make a career out of it. Living in small town Arkansas does not lend itself to that kind of career.

4. I like to iron. Yes, as in press clothes. Am I crazy? Probably. I think it has to do with taking something wrinkled and ratty looking, and smoothing it out to show how lovely and crisp it can be.

5. I like to cemetery hop. Cemetery hop you say? Not like a bunny, but as in traveling from cemetery to cemetery. Well, only if I have ancestors buried in a particular cemetery. I am into genealogy and headstones give facts. It also gives me a sort of peace, knowing my family lays at rest in a particular spot. Not that their soul is there, but I know where they were last seen....

6. I've been married for 30 years to the young man who began dating only me when I was 15 and he was 20. What in the world did a 15 year old have to offer a grown man? He often says he raised me like he wanted me. And I believe he did to some degree. They say the longer you are married the more alike you become. I can see that happening in little ways. And that's ok. It makes our world a little less spastic.

7. I lived in 7 different states by the age of 12. My father was a career Marine. SEMPER FI!!! Needless to say, I had a bit of trouble in school until we settled in my parents' home town. I look back on my report cards Momma saved and see a lot of D's. Especially in Math.

8. I love people, but often feel lonely. Especially in a crowd. I am not good at small talk. I do ok with family, but at places like church, weddings, ball games... I am uncomfortable.


LeLe said...

Like I said earlier, I inherited your phobia of heights, at least to a certain degree. I will ride a roller coaster, but I don't like climbing things. I think my fear is of falling...not the actual height.

Also, don't like confrontation but have learned to deal with it.

I feel lonely all the time b/c I'm a hermit...the only socialization I get is on the web, which is sad. But crowds make me anxious and I just don't like going out and doing things en masse. It wipes me out and I wind up spending ridiculous amounts of money on food that's not that great (e.g., baseball games, Riverfest, Memphis in May, etc.).

I'll guess I'll quit now...

Sooz said...

I have a horrible fear of heights. I have no problem with confrontation and telling people exactly what I think (which isn't always a good thing. I like that my mom and Lele's mom love to read our blogs and give us comments. Not sure where I would be without my momma.
I married Richard who is 9 years older and I really am happy about it because we compliment each others weaknesses to make us strong.
I'm a huge homebody and don't care that other people have a problem with me not being a socialite.
Great post!

Sarah and Shannon said...

I'm afraid of driving, too! I am so sore after driving somewhere I've never been--even a short way--because I keep my shoulders hunched and all my muscles tight. I'm moving soon and I'm so worried about learning my way around a new place.

Les said...

I am so glad that others fear driving! I hate it! I would rather do anything than have to drive in Little Rock! Uh! There isn't enough money in the world to get me to drive to North Little Rock to McCain Mall. They could be handing out free things at the mall and I still wouldn't go. (I would just humbly beg my husband to drive.)

B Lines said...

Les, I do fair when I have a well traveled path. I get very nervous, but I do ok. It's when I'm going someplace I am not familiar with that makes me crazy. I have to go to West Little Rock to a doctor's office with my Mom on Friday and I was steadily getting more nervous by the day. Thankfully, my sister is going to drive us. Woo Hoo! I've only been to LeLe's place once and that was following her. I don't know that I could get back there without much wailing and gnashing of teeth.