Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mercy and Healing

I have shared with friends and family a story which has touched me deeply in the last two days, and I will share it here. A young man named *Cody Stothers has just been diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease named PKD. He has cysts covering his kidneys and apparently, there is no cure or treatment for this. Cody is 16, a straight A student, and very sweet and respectful. He has been raised by his grandmother, Frances Taylor who is a sweetheart herself but not well off financially.

The doctor who diagnosed this illness, was less than sympathetic in my opinion, if what I am told is true. I understand that in a world of seeing children with terrible illness day in and day out that you develop a certain distance. But to reveal this news with no warning, no preparation or no offer of help is very traumatic for a 16 year old and his aging grandmother. Imagine yourself at 16. You are in a sterile doctor's exam room, the doctor walks in, dims the lights, places his hand on your knee and tells you "You have PKD and it's fatal." When you are finally able to speak, you ask if you can have dialisis, or a kidney transplant and you are told "No", then you are told to come back in 6 months.

It breaks my heart to hear of this kind of tragedy, and I realize how very blessed we are. Our God is merciful and He can heal anything. He is still in the business of Miracles in my opinion and I ask that you help me pray for one.

* Mrs. Taylor gave permission to use their names.


LeLe said...

Makes my stupid headaches and stomach problems sound like a piece of cake. Praise God none of my minor illness are fatal. I can't imagine going through something like that at an age where he should have his whole life ahead of him. But God is the Healer, so we will pray that he heals this one special soul.

B Lines said...

Through many MANY phone calls and persistence of our RN, Cody has an appointment with a pediatric specialist in Memphis, and SEATS will take him. He has hope, and that is more than he had before we were told of his problem. I'm so excited to see how God is working.

Y said...

Just when you think you've heard it all for one heart hurts for these people. I'll be praying for Cody & his grandma.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this story! I'll be praying for this family!

I'm Lele's friend, and check your blog from her's!

B Lines said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Les said...

I agree, Mrs. B! It's exciting to see God at work. Another testament to how God works because of prayer. I will begin praying for this family also.