Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Music To Work By

I just came across two pretty good Christian musicians. I was hunting on ITunes for some good stuff to listen to while I work. If you are interested, go check out Fernando Ortega and Mark Schultz. I like songs that are easy to sing along with, and these two fit that bill. Let me know if any of you are familiar with them and what you think.

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LeLe said...

I really like Fernando Ortega. I don't have any of his music, but I've listened to him on the radio a few times. He has a really Celtic-sounding song with a woman whose name is escaping me right now...she sounds like Amy Grant and has been in the business as long as she has but for the life of me, I can't remember her name. Starts with a "T" but that's all that's coming to mind...too early.

I like Mark Schultz also. I hear him on the radio too.