Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movies and Entertainment

Husband and I have been very disappointed with our Dish Network. Not the way it performs, but the choices available for the prices charged. We've subscribed to different packages, trying to find something worth watching and have unsubscribed after about a month of seeing the same shows or movies over and over again. To get everything that is offered, it costs a small fortune, and we are not THAT into tv. The last two weekends we have rented movies and have been disappointed in those as well. Searching at the movie rental place is not a fun experience by any stretch of the imagination and the cost for renting a crummy movie is just too much. Trying to order pay-per-view movies are a joke. If you find something interesting, it begins at some weird time, such as 5:40 or 6:20. Why can't they begin at 7:00 or 7:00? I think I'm going to try using Netflix and see how that goes. LeLe said she heard it's a pretty good system. Any of you out there use Netflix? Anything I should know before I take the plunge?

We rented The Shooter with Mark Wahlberg and The Fountain with Hugh Jackman this weekend. Shooter was pretty good for a change. Fountain was extremely hard to understand, and the parts that were understandable were so sad I was tearing up. Any good suggestions for movies to order from Netflix?


Sooz said...

Richard and I use Netflix all the time. I love it because I can watch the movie trailer before we actually have them send it to us. You can do one movie a month or many more. As soon as you watch that movie and send it back in the pre paid envelope provided they automatically send you a new movie from your list. Its all different price ranges to pick from per month to fit your need. Love it love it love it! It completely beats standing in the rental place trying to pick from the back of a cover.

B Lines said...

Thanks Sooz! I appreciate your advice.

Y said...

I personally haven't tried Netflix, but our daughter has and loved it. She let it go for a while after moving and is setting it up again because she misses it. It works out alot cheaper for them than cable etc or renting and half the time not getting the movie back in time (going into 'town' is almost a 40 mile round trip!). I haven't heard any negatives as far as Netflix goes.