Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Blues

I'm hoping I can write something that makes sense, considering my head is full of "stuff" that one's head gets full of when one is sick. I spent the biggest part of the weekend, trying to blow said "stuff" out of my head, coughing and sleeping. Now, head is still full, and feels a bit heavy, but I'm at work anyway, trying to keep those dollars coming in. Eventually, it will all clear out.

Hopefully, the icy weather will clear out as well. Forecast is for wintery mix, and at our main office in Malvern, it's sleeting. One of the ladies I talked to at that office told me the patients are confused. They are hitting the clinic as if they sold milk and bread. Our phones however, are almost completely silent. We figure it is a combination of the weather, and the sad news everyone in town is now aware of.

Nurse Practitioner's precious grandbaby passed away Saturday. He was prematurely born with his twin, on November 4. His twin is doing well, and is at home now, but poor little thing just couldn't go any longer. Please pray for this precious family. It's so very hard to lose a child, and none of us really know how it feels unless we've been through it. We are comforted to know though, that little Evan is in the presence of Jesus. How wonderful.


Y said...

Prayers will continue.

LeLe said...

Oh...every time I think about it, I tear up. Just breaks my heart into pieces. Get to feeling better.

Les said...

I hate to hear about that sweet baby. It seemed like he was getting better. I'll certainly keep this family in my prayers.

Sooz said...

Hope you are feeling better. I've been a blog slacker lately. I hated hearing about little Evan getting his angel wings, but I thought how wonderful that they still have another precious baby at home. So many times there isn't anything except an empty cradle waiting like a giant elephant in the room at home. And I also thought how good that he was newborn and not even a year old because how much harder that could have been. My dad's parents had a son die at the age of two in a accident and my Granny never got over it. Its hard to even imagine.