Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Real World

In my head, I keep hearing that old song that goes... "Back to life, back to reality" but I don't remember who sang it. Christmas is over, tomorrow is back to work after five days off. Bummer. But, it's still not really back to normal because, of course, New Year's Day is Thursday, which means I get another four day weekend. Woo Hoo.

After that will be the yearly, "Ugh, I'm a mess and weigh way too much, so diet issues, here we go again." I never make resolutions. Mainly because I don't like to do what everyone else is doing, and simply because I can't keep them. What I normally do, is take stock of where I am, and try to make small changes. My eating habits have been in the toilet for quite some time, as my bulging jeans can attest. I have no willpower. So, to eat a more healthy diet, I must remove all unhealthy temptations. I know it's more important to eat healthy, than to try to lose weight, but we all know it's rather disheartening to find we are uncomfortable in our clothes, yet again. I don't resolve to lose weight, but will try my best to open my eyes, think about my choices and try to turn away from the bad stuff.

I also hate exercise with a deep and abiding passion. I don't mind walking, but can always come up with an excuse not to. The last time I was able to eat healthy and lose weight, I was working part time and had time to focus on planning my meals, and go to the local gym. Working till 6:00 does not lend itself to going to the gym, or eating the right stuff. Especially when you are bone tired at the end of the day and you are starving. But, there you go with more excuses eh?

Tomorrow at work, we begin working on a new Electronic Medical Records System. This should be very interesting. I'm constantly told it will make my job a breeze and I will love it. I don't doubt that, but in the beginning, it will not be a breeze and I wonder how many extra hours I will work, scanning patient records into the system. Ahhh, the price of progress and having 'state of the art' equipment.


LeLe said...

Yeah, I've got to do something about my eating habits and exercise, but like you, I despise working out. It is a major chore and unlike some people, for me it doesn't get better with time. It gets WORSE.

Sooz said...

Ugh I hate the whole eating habits and exercise thoughts for the New Year. The television shoves that stuff down our throats. Bleck!

Our office went "paperless" two years ago and after the first few months and all that scanning in of the old paper files...we even hired college students to pull staples ...I'll confess that we all LOVE IT!
You seriously will love it once its all done.

Les said...

I've decided that this year instead of making resolutions about diet, exercise, etc., I'm going to make an attempt to get my priorities in order. I'm going to make more time for God, then more time for family, and so on. Hopefully, everything else will fall into place.