Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ever heard the song, "Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stones"?? That is what I thought of at the end of the day on January 1, 2009. Being fuddy duddy old folks, we went to bed at the normal time for us on New Year's Eve and got up refreshed (well, as refreshed as you can be when neither one of you can sleep through the night without strong medicinal help.)

Brother and nephew were here visiting from Chicago, so SR and I planned to go to Rison and see them. We started out in Walmart, just taking our time, shopping for things we've been needing or wanting and just never took the time to find them. We are usually in a big hurry to get out of there and never really just browse. We bought some great birdseed and other sundry items. Sidebar: I've been trying to attract chickadees to my back yard, and found they love sunflower seeds. Success!!! There are at least 6 chickadees feeding in my backyard now. Along with several Cardinals, Sparrows and a few Finches.

We headed for Rison, via several backroads, with a large pot of homemade beef vegetable soup, . Some I've not traveled before, some I have. We traveled down a road I remember from when we were dating. Back then, somewhere around the Lee's Ferry Road, we found a little white frame house across from a small field that apparently no one lived in. We both fell in love with the place, but were not ready to purchase anything. (We were only dating, as I said.) We found the place again, some 30 odd years later. Someone added to the house and built a large garage and barn and it was a really lovely place now. But, it is way out in the "boonies" and the nearest grocery store is a distant dream. ;)

We drove down the Lee's Ferry Road, but were unable to get all the way to the river, due to the recent rain's flooding of the road. SR wanted to see a place he had worked while employed by International Paper Company, planting trees. We did manage to get quite a bit of mud on the Tucson. Gonna have to wash it soon as may be.

Made it to Mom's and got neck hugs from Brother and Nephew. Ate burgers and soup, dip and chips with the rest of the clan while we laughed and talked. We made plans to all go to LR to eat on Saturday and some planned to go ice/roller skating. (Not this one, ohh no.)

So, when we returned home, tired but happy, I decided that January 1, 2009 was indeed a Diamond Day.

Happy New Year.


Y said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the read. All y'all have a great New Year!

Michelle said...

May most of your days in 2009 be Diamond Days!!!!

LC said...

Awe! I can't believe that you remembered the road and the house so well! I'm too impressed!