Friday, January 30, 2009

A Nice Surprise....Again.

It's always an "Oh Yeah!" feeling when I am messing around on Friday and I think it's Saturday. After all this time, I still have trouble remembering I am off. So, when I do realize it, it's a really nice surprise.

Things at work seem to be getting a bit better. My medications seem to be working, and things are settling back down.

There has been ice in the northern part of the state, but we were just very cold for a couple of days. Today is a beautiful sunny day and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I hope to get outside for at least a little while and enjoy the warmer temps, before the chill of early February settles back in.

Last Friday I was in the mood to garden. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and Home Depot were not. No plants to purchase, no sunshine. I noticed at Walmart today, that the garden supplies are slowly revealing themselves in the parking lot. Mulch, rocks, fertilizer...

Nothing earth shattering to post, but I'm relieved that my life is beginning to get back into a reasonable regularity. Sometimes the rut is comforting.


LeLe said...

At least there's no drama in the rut.

Sooz said...

Glad your feeling better! I've already been bugging Richard about a garden. I love them so much.

Les said...

I'm glad that things are going better. I wish I had a green thumb, but I don't.