Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short Post

I think.

I am not comfortable venting about personal issues on a blog. I have no problems with others who do, it's just not for me. I have not posted much lately, simply because I can't think of much that is positive to blog about. The job is causing a lot of stress. I'm not myself lately.

I was reminded by a loving God the other day that He gave me the birds as a gift. It is a daily gift to be able to look out my back door and see so many of them at my feeders. Sparrows, finches, snowbirds, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, thrushes. I'm in the market for a good pair of binoculars to see them up close. I tried taking a photo with my digital cam through the window, but the little rascal flitted away before I got the shot.

On days like this, I remind myself of gifts like these. Or at least I try to. :)


Sooz said...

I love to watch the birds in our yard from our deck in the back. We have so many little robins that love our feeder. Someone gave us a feeder at a Honey-do shower and I found a shepherd's hook to hang it from at Home Depot. Its been really wonderful.
I love the hummingbirds also when I take time to fill that feeder.

LeLe said...

Sorry you're having a bad time. I need to get some bird feeders because I hardly see any in my backyard. But I see lots of squirrels and a family of deer (but I only see the deer at night)!

Les said...

I think it's important for us to remember all of the things that God has blessed us with. I also think it's great that you have faith enough to do something as simple as watch birds and think of God and his blessings.