Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dear Readers, I have a prayer request for you all. One of our medical "reps" came in this morning and shared with me, a story of a young mother, with an 11 year old, who has terminal cancer. Her name is Mandy. She understands her time is limited, but wants to last through moving into a new home, and get through Christmas with her family. She had breast cancer, and now has "hot spots" all over her body. She is continuing treatment with the hopes that it will prolong her life for just a little longer. She is also going to seek a second opinion. I humbly ask you all to add Mandy to your prayer list.


LC said...

It amazes me how strong these younger kiddos are! When we would fall a part, they seem to pull it together! I will absolutely keep her in my prayers!

Sooz said...

So sad.

Les said...

Will do.