Friday, October 3, 2008


Today would have been Mom's fifth chemo treatment. Unfortunately, her platelets are still so low, even after the transfusion, that they had to postpone it another week. Needless to say, she is not a happy camper and didn't hold back in letting us know. I am glad though, that they are mindful of not giving her too much chemo, because I feel in my heart that is what killed my Dad. He was so weak, his body so overwhelmed with the chemo, that his heart just couldn't handle it any longer. If his oncologist had been as concerned as Mom's is, he would have had an easier time and lasted longer. Yes, he would have lost his battle regardless, but at least his last days would have been a bit easier. I reminded Mom of that, and it seemed to settle her down. I know she is anxious to get it all behind her, but we have to do what is best for her health.

Today, SR and I spent a good portion of the day helping clean and get LeLe's house ready for painting. We cleaned, swept, mopped, wiped down walls, mowed, and cleaned off the carport and front porch. I think we made pretty good headway. Their new neighbor across the street is a very friendly sort, and his daughter offered to mow the back yard with her riding mower. Sweet!!! I'm sure Mabe appreciated that greatly. Hopefully, they will be able to begin painting and keep to their schedule. I hope they post before and after photos too, because they are always so dramatic!

Tomorrow I will run down to Rison to visit Mom, and my baby sister who is down for the weekend. It looks to be a nice fall weekend in South Central Arkansas, USA.


Les said...

I saw some of the pictures that Lele posted and you guys did a lot of work. The house looks great! I'm so happy for Lele and Mabe!

Sooz said...

You are right about the chemo. Its so much easier on their bodies if its spaced out better and they wait until the patient is stronger.
The house looks great and you all have done so much work. Its always nice to have good neighbors.