Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip Highlights #1

We left out on Thursday morning, unsure if we would actually see any fall colors. The leaves here in Sheridan, are hit and miss color, and as far as north of Conway, there wasn't much change, as shown in these photos.

We kept moving on, and decided to drive to the Natural Bridge, north of Clinton. I thought the road down to the bridge was pretty scenic and had to take a shot of it. Sorta reminded me of a calendar photo. The road twisted and turned just like an "S" repeatedly and down, down, down you went, ears just a-popping!

The bridge itself was pretty awesome. It's waaaay down in a valley, and amazing to see. SR had a really good time there. We noticed that it was for sale if anyone is interested....

This is the entrance, which has been beautifully landscaped and kept up.

More to follow. I plan to upload all the photos I took to either my Facebook page, or Photobucket. I'll let everyone know when I get them on. Next post will be about our first stop at the Buffalo National River.

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