Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rough Week

This week hasn't been a picnic by any stretch of the imagination.

The nurse practitioner I work for, had twin grandson's born prematurely on November 4. The larger one is doing quite well. The smaller one has been in a constant battle to survive. It's still a wait and see situation. Lots and lots of prayers have been lifted for the little guy though. Whatever happens, he is in the palm of God's hand, and will stay there.

And, Mom's labs are so bad, the doctor is canceling her treatment tomorrow. She is scheduled to have a CT scan Wednesday evening, and will see the doctor on Dec. 1. The immediate concern is the danger of bleeding. If she were to cut herself, or be hurt somehow, she could be in terrible danger of bleeding to death. She assures us she will be careful and will call us immediately if anything happens. She would have to be taken to the nearest ER. Still, she feels fine, and is looking forward to Thanksgiving with all the chilluns.

Least of all, I received a slight trim at the beauty shop that was disappointing. The sweet girl who cuts my hair apparently misunderstood me. I would never say anything negative about her, as she tries very hard to please. My hair just didn't turn out as I had it pictured in my head, and is being very hard to style as well. I'm very particular about my hair, and yes, I've shed a few tears over this. It is only hair, and it will grow. It is not cancer, or a baby in distress, or a life and death issue. Still, it's hard to look in the mirror and not be emotional. Pride is sometimes not such a good thing....

Hopefully, things will settle down, all will be healed and peace will abide.


LeLe said...

Edward Cullen will make you feel better. I'll bring over the book this weekend sometime. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, this has been a bad week!?!? I'm sorry. :-( I hope your thanksgiving week is better!