Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slideshow Two

We payed a whopping 25.00 to see Hurricane Cave, between Marshall and Harrison. I expected a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately, it was the last day of the season, they were getting ready to close for winter, and the pump that sustains the fall was turned off. The guide told us that the owner was an elderly lady, who had suffered a heart attack and was selling the cave and 200 acres for 1 Mil. Pocket change. It was obvious the grounds needed a lot of TLC but we did get to go inside and see interesting formations. We didn't stay long, because the passageway got narrower and I got more uncomfortable. I supposed I might have been persuaded to carry on, but the guide only wanted to talk about deer hunting in Cleveland County, after finding out we grew up in Rison. SR didn't push it but I think he wanted to go further in. We were told the passageway got wider again on the other side. I'd seen enough.

If we had known more about this place, we probably would have opted to wait till the trip back and see Mystic Caverns. Maybe some other time....

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Sooz said...

Bummer about the waterfall, but its still beautiful! You should definitely buy it. ;-)