Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seasons of Change

To everything there is a season.

Monday is the first day of Autumn, thus the end of the Summer season. I love Fall. I think most folks do. I'm anxious to get outside in the crisp air and plant mums and put pretty "stuff" on the porch.

Today was the end of a different season for me. "T", my pal, my friend, my co-worker has left to be a stay-at-home Mommy. Eventhough I totally understand, since I was a stay-at-home Mom myself for several years, I'm crushed. She has been such a good friend, a confidant, a support system, a place to vent....well, you get the idea. I'm going to miss her so very much.

A new season of co-worker will begin on Monday. The new girl has been training for two weeks, but you don't get a good understanding of how things are going to be until she is on her own, and it's just the three of us. She seems quick to learn, pleasant to be around, and dedicated to getting things done. I know she will be an asset, or at least I think she will. But she's not my T.

I started a Facebook page last week. It seems to be a very busy place, but a bit confusing to me. I don't have enough time to sit and figure it all out, so LeLe has been helping me out some. In just a few days I have connected with several folks I am happy to see, and I love the busy-ness of it all. I may become tired of it at some point, and delete it as I did MySpace, but we will see.

It's the weekend for me thank goodness. The new school year has already helped those pesky virus bugs to spread their greedy little wings and infect a large portion of town. I've had to work several extra hours this week. Heaven help us when the weather gets cold for the Winter season.


Michelle said...

I hate winter time illnesses!!!! Maybe it won't be too bad this year.

Sooz said...

I love fall. On our drive home from Florida there were many fruit stands with bales of hay, pumpkins, and beautiful mums. I wanted some so badly but we had ZERO room in the car with us. =(
Hope the winter season for virus' is not too horrible and praying the new girl works out for all of you.