Saturday, September 27, 2008

Easy Saturday

It was a nice easy Saturday. SR and I slept in, then ran to Little Rock to meet Jared and his girl for lunch. On the way home, we stopped at an outdoor/ garden type place I've always wanted to check out. I knew it would be expensive, but I didn't know it would be that expensive. Sheesh. I am in the market for a large pot to move my great-grandmother's rose bush into. At present, it is in a low-lying area that is getting less and less sun. It is my understanding they need at least 8 hours of sun a day and need to be in a well drained area. This summer it has barely survived, and bloomed hardly at all. There is no other good place in the yard I can plant and have it actually thrive, so I am going to try the pot idea. I decided to check out some pots at Lowe's tomorrow afternoon.

This afternoon, we left the windows up and enjoyed the fall air. I got out my trusty paints and fed my creative self, then opened a new book and read a bit. SR watched the poor misfortunate Razorbacks as they were pounded into the ground by Texas. We ate a light supper of scrambled eggs and toast, then I proceded to make out a menu for the coming week and a grocery list. I always do a much better job of shopping and cooking when I do this, but seldom really want to take the time to do it. And I'm so tired of the same old thing week after week. I found some tasy looking things in an old cook book I am going to try.

Now, I'm sitting by my open bedroom window. The air is beginning to cool and drift through to me. I can hear every car, every truck, every single vehicle that drives by behind my house, but that's ok. I guess you get used to it. When we lived in the country, the Whipporwills would start singing around sundown and sometimes they were so loud, you couldn't sleep. At least the cars and trucks move on down the road and don't sit just out of sight and constantly repeat their "Chip fell out of the Whiteoak" until you think you'll go mad. Still, I think I'd like to hear that again. It's been a long long time.


Michelle said...

I love this time of year! I love the smell of the air and being able to open your house up!

LeLe said...

I always hated it when the whipporwhills (sp?) woke me up on Saturday mornings. L(

Sooz said...

Why are flower pots so expensive? Its crazy! Love this time of year and can't wait for the high of 74 on Thursday! Glad you had a nice weekend!

Les said...

I also love this time of year. I love getting out for a nice walk in the cool breeze.