Friday, September 12, 2008

A Birthday Poem

I have an aunt, who is a couple of years older than my Mom, and is lovingly referred to as "Aunt Bob". She gives our family many moments of fun and just mentioning her brings a smile to our faces. She has coined a phrase or two, and we use them every chance we get. My favorite, and I'm sure the favorite of others, is "He's growed ain't-ee?!"
Periodically, she will send us letters, because she loves to send and receive them. Usually included, is an original poem. Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought I would share the one she sent to me this week.


Happy Birthday to you dear
You will have nothing to fear
Stay as sweet as you are
You will not have to go very far

God is there for all of us
In Heaven there will be no fuss
Have a great day ever
You will be very clever

Keep your chin up high
You all can look up to the sky
Keep that great Big Smile
Together we can walk a mile

There are things we need to know
Together we all can grow
Your family is great
No one will ever be late

by Aunt Bob

Now, how could you not love something like that? This is not the best one she has written, but I think Mom has it. If so, I will borrow and share it. It is one of my favorite poems of all time.

Thanks Aunt Bob. We love you!!!


LeLe said...

I love that the last line is so random...gotta love those poems from Aunt Bob!

Michelle said...

Oh, she sent me this exact same poem! Gotta love it. Everyone should have an Aunt Bob! Daddy calls her Bob-Tail. haha.

Megan said...

Of course i remember you! Its been a while though! How are you and your family? I hope good! Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm loving the married life and couldn't ask for a better husband! :)

Les said...

Happy birthday! Get S to take you out somewhere nice!

Michelle said...

OH, yeah..Happy B-day. I forgot that part! :-)