Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The oncology nurse called yesterday to inform me that Mom's blood counts were so low, that she required a tranfusion. She is extremely anemic, and it's caused by the chemo. The doctor was concerned because Mom "hasn't even gotten to the worst part of the chemo", the nurse said. When I called her to tell her, I thought she was going to drop the phone she was so shocked. She maintains that she feels fine. No fatigue, no nausea, no nothing. (This has puzzled the nurse every time we see her.)

So, today Sister #2 took her for the transfusion. Her appointment was at 8:00 and she was called back at around 8:10. The IV was started, but much to their aggravation, the blood didn't make it to the lab until after 10:00. She had two units, each taking an hour. As she does during the long chemo days, Mom fretted and fussed having to stay in one place for more than 15 minutes. We keep telling her maybe God is trying to teach her patience. You should see the look we get when we say that too.

When the deed was finally done, Sister called me and told me that Mom was raring to go shopping. You NEVER take Mom to Little Rock, unless you are prepared to go to at least one store to shop.


LeLe said...

Well, I'm glad she felt good enough to go shopping afterward! That's a blessing.

Sooz said...

I am amazed at how well your mom is doing and how spunky she is..I love that! I'm always shocked at how much people want to shop when they come to Little Rock...I do my best to get out of this place everyday as soon as possible. Ugh! Like lele said though what a blessing it is that she feels good enough to want to shop.