Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Adventures in Painting

Friday I drove up to J's place to help him pack for moving and get started painting rooms in his newly purchased home. We had big plans of getting all the little things boxed up, then Friday evening begin painting at least two rooms. We did get things packed, and I cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms, but the painting plans were smashed. The previous owners were not out by the time they originally planned, and we were unable to even get the keys until about 9:30 Friday night. J was thoroughly disgusted with the monkey wrench thrown into his plans. We did go to Lowes and buy the paint, and it was comical to see J's face when he had to pay up for all the paint and supplies. Imagine the cartoons where the main character's eyes bug way out of their sockets and his jaw drops all the way to the floor with a resounding CONK!

Saturday morning, we went to eat a good breakfast, then I began painting his bedroom while he and his roommate began moving boxes and furniture. The comment was made that we all knew who wore the pants in the previous family, because two bedrooms, a half bath, and the enclosed carport were all painted pale pink, with a dark blue floral wallpaper border around the top. It took me quite a while, and quite some energy removing the border before I could even begin to paint. In J's bedroom, we decided on a dark mossy brown for one focal wall and the other three we painted a khaki color. J wanted to paint the entire room the brown, but I vetoed it, afraid it would be too too dark in there with only one small window. It took me all day long to get that one room painted. It took two coats of paint to cover that pink, and I was up and down on the ladder constantly, cutting in around the ceiling and in the corners where the two colors met. But, at the end of the day, it looked fabulous and it was very rewarding to see the transformation. We will tackle the adjoining half bath as soon as I can get back up there. (If he doesn't decide to try it himself.)

His roommate's room was painted Kelly green with a dolphin border. We discussed taking the border off and just leaving that paint color since roommate is ok with it. The other bedroom is one of the pink rooms but has a border of the solar system. Don't ask me why they thought pink worked with that. It will be painted eventually.

I will post photos when J gets things all situated like he wants. We were so tired and didn't even have the beds put back together when I left his place at around 5:00. However, he is relieved to be in a place of his own, and anxious and excited to get it all "fixed up". He wants LeLe and me to come up and help him decorate. He has very good taste, and is very much into how his home looks. ( Must take after his Momma.)

This is the photo of the front the realtor had online.

Today, I am so sore and tired I can hardly move, but I would do it all again and again. We Moms love doing for our children.


LeLe said...

Pink with a solar system? Sounds dreadful. What were they (they, meaning "she") thinking?

Sooz said...

Your a great mom! The house looks very nice!