Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yeah, the Batteries

Or the "ba-trees" as my grandfather used to say. Thank goodness. So, I spent my morning walk, taking photos of all the beautiful spring flowers in the neighborhood.  Here they are...

Of course, I had to take more of the Wisteria. The smell was even stronger and I dread the blooms disappearing.

The following is all in my neighbor's yard, across the way. I can see their yard from my front door and it's glorious.

Sweet Neighbor Lady offered to let me have some of the thrift. Woo hoo! Think I may take her up on that.

These are of the redtips in my back yard, and my red azaleas that are just beginning to bloom. Not nearly as exciting, but I had to take their picture too, or they would feel left out.

This makes me wish I had a really good camera, and that I could create a calendar or something. But, it gives me pleasure and mine do make great screen savers. :)   I just love the colors of spring, but I don't like watching the pollen fly around in huge waves....

P.S. If you are interested in saving these files, you are welcome to them. I also have larger files that are better for screen savers. Just give me a yell at my email address and I'll send. Address is on my profile.


Lisa said...

I have a wisteria to plane....soon as Britt digs my hols. My azealeas are full of buds but no blooms yet.

Y said...