Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane: "Increase and decrease, as in size, number, strength, or intensity..."

I had a revelation yesterday. One that I suppose comes to most everyone eventually. SR and I are aging. Oh, we aren't old, but our bodies just don't keep up like they used to. SR has always always been very active and strong. I never even thought about him running out of steam. But as we worked on the porch and yard yesterday, I realized that at the age of 56, he is beginning to slow down. He can still run rings around me, and is still a very strong man, but I can see that he gets tired a little sooner than he used to. And until that moment yesterday, it never even occured to me. I just always saw him with never ending energy and drive. So, then I thought about how I am so much like my mother, that when I get an idea in my head, and decide to act on it, I think I've got to get every single part of it done as soon as humanly possible. As in doing everything in the yard I see that needs doing in one day. Case in point:

J brought my rocks. Before he arrived, I had been hoeing and weeding. I also had been looking at things on the edge of the yard that needed some cleaning up. BUT I held myself in check only because I did NOT want another case of poison ivy. Had that not been the case, I would have been hashing and swiping with a machete for most of the morning.  When J finally arrived close to noon, I had to make myself hold off putting them around the tree so I could visit with him. While he was here, I proceeded to strip beds, and remake them, and do a little floor cleaning. He and his Dad worked on the living room ceiling fan that died. They were unable to resuscitate it.

When he left, I couldn't stand it and just had to go out and place the rocks. Now, I was already waning. I was moving a little slow but I just had to do it or die. By the time I finished placing the rocks, I was exhausted. Moral of the story? I have to learn to pace myself. SR has always been able to.

Wax and wane. Work and take a break. That's the ticket. I just have to keep reminding myself that it WILL be there tomorrow if I don't get it done today. I really don't know what the hurry is.

Porch progress. We left the three boards in the middle so I can safely go out the back.

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Lisa said...

You sound like me. While I'm doing one thing I see 50 others that need to be done. I was like that yesterday and ended up having to take a pain pill last night. I rarely take them.
Slow down...soon you'll have your arms full of BOY!!

The rocks do look great! I need some of those.