Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Headway

Sr is making a new grid because we decided to run the boards in a different direction than the original. He laid boards across the frame, just to keep them out of the dirt, and we liked the look much better. But, he had to add support joists.
It didn't take him that long and now the deck looks a bit larger to us.

The boards aren't secured yet. He ran out of vacation, but he will work on it during the next couple of weeks as he can. Then we contact the handy man to start the roofing process. Yipee!

I finally got to Walmart to buy some expensive inhanced dirt and mulch. And believe it or not, they were almost totally out of this type of thing. One of the workers told me he couldn't believe how fast it all went. SR took a break and went to get the transplants Mr. S offered. I could have spent an hour digging, as he offered to let me have some of whatever I wanted, but I thought I'd just stick with the hostas and the holly bush.

The hostas look a little sad, but they'll perk up a bit in a day or so. I placed this one in the bed around the other tree and it looks pretty good.
I had to dodge my old arch enemy (poison ivy) but I hope and pray I was successful in keeping it at bay. I noticed two little spots on my person this morning, but hope it will not escalate into more. SR warned me countless times yesterday.

So, Mr. S and I thought this bush was a Japanese Holly, but when searched online for it, I couldn't find it. It has to be some kind of holly because the leaves have sharp points.
Does anyone know what this is? It's unique and I'm so glad to have it, even if I never know what it really is.

The last photo is a view of the back edge of the yard. The photo doesn't really show how nice it is, mainly because you can see all the vines that are ruining the look of everything. If I could withstand the ivy issue, I'd get back there with some pruning shears and do away with that unsightly vineyard. Unfortunately, I can't, so it's just going to have to stay. I'm hoping when everything fills out, it will look better.