Thursday, April 15, 2010

As a Result

As a result of drinking tea before bedtime, I am wide awake at 12:45 in the a.m.
It is decaffeinated tea, but my body doesn't really care.

As a result of grinding my teeth in my sleep, (when I am actually asleep) I have to wear a stupid mouth guard.

As a result of said mouth guard, feeling squirmy due to decaffeinated tea, a tired neck, and probably pollen, I have a sinus headache too.

As a result of sewing like there's no tomorrow for Little Man, I am a little burned out. I'm taking a few days off, then will continue to create a few things for LeLe and work on J's quilt. I now have the batting and backing, so there's no excuse to put it off any longer.

As a result of drooling over Mr. and Mrs. S's backyard, I yearn for a lovely retreat in my own back yard. And SR is asking me where I'm going to plant all this stuff Mr. S is going to give me....with dread in his eyes.

As a result of getting older, I am not being as careful as I should. As in watching for poison ivy, watching the road and traffic lights instead of watching the cars while driving, and just basically taking my time about things.

As a result of being so focused on the yard, and making things, I have not kept house as I should.

And as a result of all this, I am not a happy camper. But, tomorrow is another day....oh right, it is tomorrow already.

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Erin said...

hope you got some rest-- it's a new day!