Monday, April 5, 2010

Camera Woes

In my daily walk, I've spotted several blooming trees and bushes that I want to capture with my digital camera. Unfortunately, it won't cooperate. I don't know if it's bad batteries (I've tried several in the same pack) or if it's decided to retire.  It's aggravating and disappointing, to say the least. I did manage to get two shots of a Wisteria that resides down the street from my house. It's absolutely beautiful, and the smell is heavenly. Every time I walk by, I breathe as deeply as I possibly can.

You can't tell just how tall this thing is since I walked up very close. But it's probably about 13 feet high, give or take.  There is another neighbor that has Thrift growing all around several little vignettes.  I plan to try for new batteries, then go a-knocking on her door for permission to shoot.

I must figure out what is wrong with the camera, because Little Man is close to arriving. There's no way I will be without a functioning camera.

I thought our Easter service at church yesterday was very moving. The order of service was different than anything I've experienced before and I was really moved by it. In times past, we would sit quietly, as the organist played and the cups were passed out. Yesterday, we sang praises as the cups were passed. I thought that a wonderful change.  The speaker talked about all the excuses non-believers give, trying to deny the resurrection. And then he shot them all down. Wonderful.

I've been looking at everyone's Easter pictures posted on facebook and blogs. We were invited out to dinner yesterday, since our children had other plans. It was a very nice change as well. But, no photos. LeLe happened to be with us, but she was not agreeable to a picture at this time. She is so swollen, she can barely walk. No one wants to have their photo taken like that.

Spring is definitely here, as I see yellow and green covering everything.....


Y said...

BEAUTIFUL! I could use the pictures for the desktop! That be OK? Ever been thru New Edinburg this time of year? A riot of Wisteria covers anything and everything.

B Lines said...

That be fine girl. Thanks!

No, I haven't been to New Edinburg in years. I'm thinking that my batteries are bad though. I found an older one that still had some power to it, and stuck it in with one of the new ones, and the camera worked for a little while. Phew!

Y said...

Glad it's not your camera. Those digitals are funny about their batteries. Can't wait til you can tear thru some batteries taking pictures of Little Man!!!