Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Happy

I was laying in the bed last night and I was almost giddy thinking of all the projects I want to do. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing that I don't have to go to a job away from home and I can choose to do what I want. Working in the yard, quilting, painting, sewing...these are the things of my heart. Yesterday I worked on J's quilt and you can see the progress on The Seam Rippers blog.

This last year has been a process of becoming used to not having to punch a time clock, and not having to do another's bidding. There are advantages of work, mind you. Money being the key. The other is socialization. Those are the only two things I miss. But, my "home work" is more than making up for it. And of course I have my blogs and facebook. *grin*

I was thinking this morning that it would be so wonderful if there was an art center in Sheridan. I feel sure it would be supported, due to the number of people in the area. The problem would be funding. There are empty buildings everywhere, so that wouldn't be a problem. And who would run the thing. I'm not a business leader. I can come up with the idea, but following through would be a real problem for me. But what if, just what if we had a place that could:

Give watercolor and oil painting lessons.

Teach pottery classes.

Give beginner quilting lessons or hold a quilting bee periodically for charity.

Have gallery type showings for local artists.

Knitting and crochet lessons.

Have a gift and consignment shop.

Have Saturday classes for children, such as fingerpainting, acrylic paints, pottery, etc.

The possibilities are endless. But eventhough it's a wonderful idea, and I would love to be involved somehow, I just don't see it happening. Especially if I'm the one who has to ramrod the thing.  But... but wouldn't it be loverly?

In the meantime, I'll work on my own projects and enjoy my life. God is so good.


Lisa said...

Aww You should look into it. Even if you could get a few women together willing to teach a small class and it could blow up from there. I'm sure there is people out there that would be interested.

Y said...

Lisa's right. All it takes is for someone to spark the idea. Others interested in the same thing will fuel it along and next thing you know.....

B Lines said...

Well girls, I really appreciate the encouragement but... I wouldn't even have a clue who to bounce the idea off of. If it ever comes into a conversation, or I ever get a chance to suggest it to someone, I will though. Rest assured. I wish I knew who in town could do all that stuff anyway. I don't know enough folks, or about enough folks to even ask. It was just a thought I had. If God wants something like that, He will give me direction and show me when to speak up, I'm sure. :) Thanks again.