Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Day in the Yard

I was going to use the title "Another Day in Paradise" but I thought that was pushing it a bit. :P
I added some bedding plants to my new bed.

It's just so sad the way the hostas are laying down on the job. I've considered cutting them back, because I saw on a gardening website that they will come back out after you do that when transplanting. I don't know....should I? What's the concensus folks.

I'll be glad when I can get a few more rocks to go the rest of the way around the tree. Since it's so much higher in the back, it won't take as many.

My wild rose bush is full and lush and beginning to bloom.

I came around the end of the house into the backyard this morning and the fragrance came at me in waves. They smell so darn good. I just wish they bloomed all summer instead of just once in the spring.

They grow along the back edge of the yard with the things I've been adding. And a big thanks goes to Cousin Becky for identifying my new bush. It's a Leatherleaf Mahonia more commonly knows as a Grapeholly.

Now, I must get to working on J's quilt. I'm sure he's tired of waiting on it.

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Y said...

Cool beans! Someone did know the name!