Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come On Over

While walking this morning, Mrs. S invited me to come to her backyard and check out her azaleas. Merciful Heavens!

I felt like I was at a commercial garden. And envy doesn't come close to what I felt.

While there, Mr. S gave me another tour of his yard. He is so very proud of it and loves it so much. He also offered me some more cuttings and plants for my own yard. What a man!

They have a wonderful covered deck along the back of the house, and the garden is what they look upon as they drink their morning coffee. What a life!

He's going to give me a clump of these hostas and this japanese holly might just become mine. He said he had one he could give me. Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that he follows through. I understand they are pretty expensive.

SR and I are about to begin working on our back porch. We are going to replace the boards, the back door and add a roof. I hope and pray when we are finished, I can create something nice to look upon as we sit back there. I doubt it will ever compare to Mr. S's place, as it takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention money and a larger lot.  One day, it will be a retreat if I have anything to say about it.  And next summer, there will be a sandbox and a swing, without a doubt. *wink*

 These are before photos.

I'm hoping to find something to hide all the junk little yard items in. And I would dearly love to have some of those vintage metal chairs with the round backs, that sort of bounce. I've tried to find some, but they are a hot item right now. The last ones I found were already sold.

This weekend, J is supposed to bring me rocks to put around this tree.

If I can get this one fixed up, that will be a huge relief. And this is where I will place some of the hostas Mr. S is giving me.

In other news, Mom had her fifth chemo treatment yesterday and she did very well. She has one more, and then a CT scan to make sure she's all clear. Her CA125 counts are 12.5. The web says normal counts are 35 and under so this is very good news. The doctor said no one is a 0. 

And my second batch of poison ivy is getting better after an injection. I think I've learned my lesson. But, you never know when that pesky little devil is going to sneak up on you while you are working in the yard.  So, I'm thinking I'll keep a steroid pack on hand just in case.


Lisa said...

Her flowers are beautiful! I have 2 azaela bushes,one is really pretty and the other has not one bloom. :( They are both in front of the house on opposite sides of the porch...guess I need to move one.

I love hostas...they are easy to raise.
Yay for your mom,I'm sure she's glad it's almost over.
Make sure and post after pics on the yard and porch.

Erin said...

your neighbor has beautiful flowers! anyone would be jealous. i can't wait to see how yours turns out though!