Saturday, July 26, 2008


We finally had pictures taken of LeLe, my Mom and me. Chelle came out and took them at around 10:00 this a.m. and it was already unbearably hot. We walked out in my Mom's front yard, under a huge tree and promptly found fire ants. Oops, well, we moved around the tree, posed prettily and laughed a lot. Then Chelle had an awesome idea, and we followed her directions, forgetting intirely about the ants. OH NO! They tore LeLe up. They were all over her feet and up in her jeans. Her poor feet were solid welps.

After we beat off the ants, Mom put on her sparkly purple cap and Chelle took a photo of her with it sideways and her arms crossed like a rapper. We fell out laughing at that. A few more pics and we were done. Thanks so much to Chelle for her kindness. We love you girl. I'm sure she and we will post photos when they are ready.

Mom wasn't feeling super great. Not sleeping and chemo treatment had her down a bit, but she is a trouper and she carried on. Sister #2 and I proceded to paint the den for her. Neither one of us was really up for it, but we did it anyway. (And whined the entire time.) We are not happy with the color, but it's what we had, and we used it. Still, it's a new fresh coat of paint and it looks better than the old dirty walls. We didn't get the kitchen done, and will have to go back for that, but it shouldn't take long since it's a small room.

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