Monday, July 21, 2008

Adventures in Painting

Sister #2 had put a coat of paint on the hall that I primed last weekend when I reached mom's house Saturday. UGLY. None of us liked it. So, we wound up hunting up old cans of yellow and beige paint to mix with what we thought was a putty color. I've never seen putty that dark or ugly. We found two half gallons of old paint and in a 5 gallon bucket, we mixed it all up. It turned out pretty well, all things considered and we began repainting the hall and finished the living room. We really wanted to get to the den as well, but the trim was soooo time consuming, we ran out of time. Back again next Saturday to work on the den.

Mom has been driving herself around, and even went to Dumas to purchase some corn to put in the freezer. She paid for that long trip with a sore side, but otherwise she was fine. Today we see the oncologist for a visit. She's been having some trouble sleeping, so Nurse practitioner gave her some Ambien that seems to be working well. Her hair is beginning to come out a little, but she is unconcerned. I think that is the one thing that will break my heart. I know it's necessary, and little enough to bear if the chemo works, but it's almost as if it makes it real to me. If that makes any sense at all.

I had a peaceful day yesterday and even received a call from a California cousin I haven't talked to in a long time. That was a nice visit.


LeLe said...

Are we gonna do our three generations picture any time soon?

Sooz said...

I hate to say that the hair is the hardest most real part of cancer, but it very much is...BUT fortunately it grows back and most of the time its even more beautiful than before!
Glad the painting is coming along.