Monday, July 14, 2008


My Tucson needs a part. I drove all the way to Conway, sat for 45 minutes, and then was told the part must be ordered and it will be in either Tuesday or Wednesday. That is frustrating, especially in light of gas prices. The man did say it would be fine to continue driving the way it is for the time being though. So that's a relief.

I drove out to Penney's on my way back from Conway. You may not think that is a big deal. And it's not really, but considering my paranoia about driving a route I've never driven, it's a major deal for me. I took the 140 exit and then off on Shackleford. Woo hoo, easy as pie, but I was sweating bullets. I know, I know, that's really stupid, silly, crazy. But that is the nature of an irrational fear. All that anxst and they didn't have my size in any shoe I wanted. I need a pair of sandles and some new work shoes, but my size in everything was gone. I wound up ordering a pair online.

Uncle is going to J's to inspect the house he wants. Sooo glad of that. Uncle is very very good at his job.

Mom is still having unexpected bouts of vomiting. She's not nauseas, it just hits her about the same time every evening and morning. Sort of like morning sickness. She's having trouble sleeping too, so we will ask Nurse Practitioner for a sleep aide.

It's Monday. Anything else need to be said?

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LeLe said...

At least she's not having nausea with the vomiting. That's the worst part about throwing up, at least in my opinion...