Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And It Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of chemo. Since it's her first one, we don't know how she will react, so we are trying to prepare for the worst. I initially planned to take her by myself, so Sister #2 wouldn't have to miss any work, but I decided I might need help if Mom becomes really sick while I'm driving home. I bought a small insulated bag to take her some Diet Coke and cheese and crackers to snack on while she is there. I don't know if she will feel much like eating but at least we will be prepared for it.

She spent the day at Sister's house and seemed ok. Her pain didn't get any worse today, and she ate well. She seems a little quiet, and I'm sure she is dreading tomorrow and thinking about the days ahead. And who wouldn't? I discussed the back pain issue again with the nurse practitioner I work with. She seems to think (and I tend to have a lot of faith in her thoughts) that Mom's pain is simply from the severity of the surgery. After all, they had to open her up pretty wide to get to all the cancer. And they may even have had to take her organs out to get to it. That would make anyone's back hurt, dontcha think? It is much easier to think of it that way, than to wonder if there is something more severe going on with it. And we DO NOT want to go there.

I've had several folks ask about her the last two days and it's always really nice to know people care enough to ask. Thanks folks. Remember us tomorrow kind readers.


LeLe said...

Jeff has been emailing me periodically for updates. He said that the boys have been praying for Grandma and that his pastor asked for details on her condition and he has been praying for her as well. She's on their church's prayer list. He's been really good to check in with me on things. What a great guy.

Kinda dreading tomorrow myself even though I'm not going. I just don't like the thought of my Grandma going through this. I hate cancer. It is of the devil...

Sooz said...

Praying for all of you! Keep us posted when you get the chance.