Monday, July 21, 2008

Doctor Visit 7/21/08

Mom got a great report from the doctor. As a matter of fact, the doctor seemed surprised at how well she's doing. The next visit with the doc won't be until after the last chemo treatment. She has 5 more to go, 21 days apart. Mom can do anything she feels like doing at this point.

Whenever anyone goes to LR with Mom, they automatically know they will go shopping. It's a given. Aside from working in her yard, that is her favorite past time. And if she feels even halfway like it, she will order you around to go where she wants. Sister #2 was driving and didn't really know exactly where we were going, but Mom was giving directions like a general. We stopped at K-Mart and bought some hats. I'm hoping her hair will stay for another few days so we can get a photograph taken. LeLe and I are planning to have our picture taken with her this weekend. If no hair, we will all wear hats. Hear that LeLe? We bought three hats that are just alike and three white tees to wear with jeans.

We also went out to Academy Sports to find some warm up suits for Mom to wear during her chemo. She gets cold in the oncology lab. I found some shoes that I'd been wanting for work, and they were a very good price. Sister even found a thing or two on this little trip. We were all happy. I did however have to go back to work and make up the time I took off. Bummer.


Sooz said...

So glad to hear she's doing good considering. Those oncology labs are the coldest next to the surgery units. Guess it keeps infections away though. I buy all my comfy shoes at Academy. They seem to always have good prices. I think you should take a hat picture with all the girls anyhow. Cute!

Michelle said...

I'm game for the pics! And, I have run into Aunt Sue twice in one week at walmart! She's looking good and getting around great!