Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Day

First one is over. We left Whitehall at 9:00 a.m. for UAMS in Little Rock and finally landed in Rison this evening around 6:30 p.m. Because it was her first treatment, we had to wait quite a while for the pharmacy to send down her chemo meds. As others who signed in after us kept being called back, we began to get antsy, but an hour after our appointment time, they got us started. The pre-chemo meds they gave her were SUPPOSED to make her drowsy. Well, she was drowsy for maybe 30 minutes, then she was WIRED. Walking around, squirming, fidgity. She had more energy after we were finished than since she first got sick. We went grocery shopping on the way home and she wanted to go to Walmart, but I over-ruled that one. We stopped at Dorey's concession and bought her some good ole fried catfish. She ate four pieces on the way home, and before I left her to go home, she was working on the rest.

While Mom was getting chemo, Sister #2 got very sick. She suffers from migraines and her migraine med didn't mix well with something else she had taken (evidently.) We discussed my taking her home to Whitehall and coming back for Mom, but I decided I really wasn't comfortable leaving Mom, so we called Niece to come pick her up. Poor thing. I drove her car home to her and she was still in the bed when we got there.

Sister #3 is down from Russellville to relieve us for the weekend. All the meds Mom has to take could make a genius pull his hair out. So, I wrote notes and made labels etc. I still had to talk to Sis on the phone about them so she would get it clear in her head. I remember what is what, simply because I've been taking care of it for all this time. There were two more medications added to her huge daily amount, and they are a little confusing. They are to combat the nausea they tell us will kick into high gear tomorrow. I think though, that #3 can handle it.

Mom has already lost 5 pounds and we fear she will be a walking skeleton before it's all said and done. She will also become very dry, and it's apparent that's begun, because the daily Lovenox shot is getting harder to give. Her skin is just getting tougher to penetrate. The oncology nurse told her "I don't care what you drink, as long as you DRINK!" I believe Mom got that message loud and clear because she told me she knew she would have to make herself drink even if she didn't want it. (At least one thing stuck in her mind anyway. ;)

So tomorrow, July 4, since Sister #3 is there, I plan to do nothing. Sleep late, water my flowers, sit in the yard, etc. I would dearly love to have a pool to float around in, but since I don't, I'll try to just enjoy doing nothing. I hope the rest of you have a great holiday weekend.

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Bernie Berlin said...

I just wanted to send my sympathies..
My mom went has gone thru many chemo and other treatments the past 5 years. I'm sorry about the twitter thing. I am not a weirdo following you, just thought since twitter was a social network it would be nice to meet other kind people. I am a christian and saw that on your bio, so that is why I friended you. I won't bother you again and will take you off my twitter list. Sorry again if I weirded you out..
My thoughts and prayers are with you & your beloved family..