Friday, July 11, 2008

Fresh Paint

I drove to Mom's today to check on her, take her medicine refills, and prime the walls of her hall and living room, so Sister#2 can paint tomorrow. A little before my Dad passed, we all got together and painted one of my Mom's living room walls a bright dark red. Daddy loved it. We chose a very light yellow gold to do the other walls and a bit later, Mom painted the lower half of her hall walls with the red and the upper half with the yellow. She's been wanting to paint over it for quite some time now, so we decided we would do whatever made her happy right now. (And who wouldn't if their Mom was going through chemo???) I spent about 5 hours painting and cutting in. That red did NOT want to go. It took two coats of primer in the hall and three coats in the living room. I'm feeling the effects of all that looking up and reaching too. But, she was so pleased. I just hope #2 can follow up tomorrow, cause I have other issues to deal with.

She is having unexpected bursts of nausea, that are over with almost before they start. So she isn't really staying sick, just not keeping everything she eats down. Her strength is improving so she must be eating enough. She has lost weight of course, and looks so skinny to me. Her hair hasn't started falling out yet, but she purchased some caps to wear when that starts. She is getting very tired of sitting at home and not being able to do what she wants. She's so used to being outside and mowing her yard. I hope some of the family can do that huge chore for her this weekend, because her grass is getting pretty deep with all the rain we've had.

I must take my Tucson to the dealership and let them look at a light that won't stay off. It's the ESC light and it has something to do with keeping it from hydroplaning and "stuff" like that. I have to go all the way to Conway where we purchased it, because SR feels that they will want to make sure it's in tip top shape, since they are the ones who sold it. I don't mind going so much, but I have to go alone, because there is no one free to go with me. I really do get tired of having to do everything by my lonesome.

J has made an offer on a house he wants to purchase in Russellville. I am thrilled for him but so fearful he will make a mistake. Mom and Dad have not been invited to help in this transaction, and it's hard for us to sit back and not have any input. We would love to see him have a place of his own, we just don't want him to pay more than he should, and then find out the house is in need of a lot of repair. Fortunately, Sister #2's hubby is a home inspector and he has agreed to give the house a good going over. Please help me pray that J makes the right decision in this. He is in love with the house and the yard and I'd like to see him happy with it.

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